December 7, 2021

Letter to the Editor: National Anthem

To the Editor,

This move that the visiting team performed at the Heard County High School football game last Friday night in kneeling during the National Anthem is probably the most disrespectful act I have ever seen by a group of American people.

We live in the greatest Nation on Earth and a heritage of many years gone by where men, women and children have given their lives for us to have a better place to dwell.

I hope this type of act doesn’t become the norm at the High schools.

Hugh Mitchell

Franklin, GA


  1. Hugh, I agree with you. I think that this gesture of disrespect shows ignorance on behalf of the kneeler. Perhaps they have it mixed up with “every knee shall bow” in the Bible. This is a sad time in our Nation. I had a grandson who served and my father was in WWII. I take this very personally.

  2. Totally agree Hugh Mitchell! They should be ashamed of themselves. That degree of ignorance should never be tolerated!

  3. Patricia Hamill says

    I Totally agree Hugh Mitchell! I don’t know who the other Team was, but whoever does this kind of act should not be asked to come back to play any kind of sport at our schools.

  4. How was this ignorant again?

    Ignorant is not seeing the bigger picture because of your own hurt feelings. I commend these kids, coaching staff and anyone else who took part in understanding the REAL reason behind kneeling. If we can’t discuss the reason behind kneeling, then don’t discuss the kneeling. Cause and effect.

    • Could you explain to us all why they are kneeling?

    • I agree with you there are plenty of reasons behind the kneeling i myself don’t stand for the national anthem nor do i pledge of allegiance to the flag. People are using this flag and anthem to the extreme but the are forgetting one thing “Thou shall have no other gods before me.” This flag has become people god and you have so-called every sunday go to church Christians idolizing two things that don’t hold true to it’s meaning. Everyone want to discuss this issue but nobody is setting a stage to talk but i will let’s get together and discuss the issue face to face with our leaders here in Heard County and Franklin I challenge anyone to start a town hall meeting to discuss this issue.

  5. Emmett Jackson says

    An even bigger picture is that in much of the world there is no opportunity to get a high school education, let alone to participate in organized sports. Is very few countries Sports can be a stepping stone to even higher education. Much of the world doesn’t have disposable income to travel to games or any of the millions of other things that we take for granted.
    We live in a great wonderful spoiled Nation full of opportunity for everyone. No we are not perfect and there are certainly issues that need to be addressed. There are platforms and methods to do that. There’s a time and place for everything, a rural high school at a Friday night football game is neither the time or place in my opinion.
    Emmett Jackson

  6. James Davis says

    I agree this is very disrespectful. Hopefully it doesn’t continue.

  7. This is a free country get over it. I bet you burn your nikes too, don’t you?

  8. I hope that the visiting team’s school administrators addressed this! So disrespectful and unacceptable.

  9. James Raughton says

    Regardless of the “reason” behind the kneeling, the playing of our National Anthem isn’t the time nor the place for such action. The reason is therefore lost in the disrespect for this nation. Shame on the coaches, the administration and the parents for allowing this disrespectful display.

  10. I had family members that were service members and i respect the armed forces and what they do but the flag isn’t the one having to bury family members. It’s disrespectful when families are broken up and history shows it a long time before this issue started. To the respect of the armed forces Thank You for your service.

  11. Stacie Toney says

    Sad that they are just following others without once listening to their own heart. Listen to it. Drown out other’s “noise”. I really don’t give a crap about football, never have….but you should stand proud for your country. No matter what. Get off the *expletive knee and GO TO WORK!

  12. Actually…Those young men knelt to pay respect to the moment of silence for the young man that had recently passed and remained kneeling through the anthem to not cause disturbance because it all happened so fast…did anybody see that? I remember saying…how respectful of them to kneel during the time of silence.

  13. Stacie Toney says
  14. Does this have anything to do with last Friday night when neither team was on the field for the playing of the National Anthem?

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