October 22, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Note of Thanks from Sheriff Henry

Ross-henry2 (2)On behalf of my staff, we would like to thank Chairman Lee Boone, his staff and the Heard County Board of Commissioners for the reception held in honor of my staff to celebrate public service recognition week.

Your support and acknowledgement of our service to the community means a lot to our dedicated men and women in uniform.

We also want to thank Dr. Dawn Bennett, Mrs. Debra Holland, Ms. Becky Miller, Mrs. Susan Scott and the kindergarten classes at Centralhatchee Elementary School for the snacks, hand drawn pictures and notes.

It meant a lot to my officers that you included us in your community helpers celebration. We had fun spending time with all the boys and girls.

Your Sheriff,
Ross Henry & Staff


  1. Tim Massa says

    That’s why I believe we have such a Good Commissioner, he tackles the big things. And also makes sure to do what some may think is no big deal, but recognizing the things that also helps bond our county to each other. Thank you Lee

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