October 22, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Petitioning for better internet service

Dear Editor:

I am a resident of Heard County. Where I live I am only offered satellite internet service. This service comes at a premium price because they know it.

Satellite internet for 50gb of service per month at about 22mbps runs about $100 plus about $15 for their modem. They do offer additional 50gb per day during off peak hours in which most people are sleeping at no additional costs. This service is ridiculous for most tech families.

If anyone in your family is a gamer or does lots of streaming satellite internet will not work properly for you. Charter spectrum cable, internet, and phone service is available in some parts of Heard County.

Our children need better internet to do their homework, adults may need it to do their work at home, or just to have to do streaming or gaming.

Whatever you want to do with it, you should have that choice for better, faster, and more reliable service.

I am not employed by Charter spectrum. I only know that others in the community are offered it and that it is cheaper and faster.

I am frustrated having to do everything on my cell phone. Some things need or have to be done on a laptop or personal computer.

I have set up an online petition on Facebook asking for the locals to please sign it. Surely, with enough signatures we can get them to see that it would be beneficial for them and us.

I am asking that you would please help me to get the word out. If there are those out there who do not have Facebook and would like to sign a petition, I would be happy to start a paper petition as well to accommodate them. Thank you!


Julie Thomas (Franklin)


  1. Sandi Allen says

    I agree with you but I think it is wonderful that you can use your phone as I have no cell service where I live either. Both would be awesome to have.

    • Mona Johnson says

      I was looking over the old letters Sandi and I agree with you. I cannot even use my cell phone at home. I have to pay AT&T almost $70 a month just for basic phone service and long distance (to keep in touch with family) It’s ridiculous!

  2. Julie, I just want to say that I totally agree with you and am signing your petition. I am tired of the bad service and the high price we have to pay for it. Thanks for the letter!!!!

  3. Charles Bennett says

    Please we need internet in Texas community!

  4. John Roberts says

    I agree it would be great to have better internet! I have fought this for years. Who are you petitioning to? Who are you trying to get to help you? These companies like Charter for internet and Verizon or AT&T for cellular are corporate entities who expand their service areas based on income potential. If there are not enough residents in an area to make it pay to run cable or install towers they are not interested. These companies do not do business because it is good for someone. I have spoken to them in person and was told we do not have the population density in many areas of Heard county to justify the cost of the infrastructure. That means it will cost far more to install the equipment and systems to give you service than they can recover. These people have to do business based on profit and loss. Here is the thing, We love our quiet peaceful country life with low traffic and wide open spaces, but that comes with some sacrifices and this is one of them. As technology improves it may become easier and cheaper to do and we may see better services.

  5. Daniel Baker says

    I agree 100% but for me it’s cell service. We used to have verizon and had good service. We left verizon for about a year. Went back to verizon cause we knew we’d have good service. Our service is terrible. They say we are in a variable area. There is 2 cell towers close to our house and service still sucks.

    • My satellite internet is 156 a month. This is after the initial offer. It would be nice for cheaper better internet. Or force sattelite companies to be unlimited if that’s all there is.

  6. Charter is a joke! I have one of Charter’s bundles: phone, cable, and internet. At least once a day (sometimes more), my phone and internet go out. I have to go in the living room, unplug the modem, wait 15 seconds, plug it back in, and wait another 5 minutes for everything to reset. During that time, I can’t even dial 911. I also have a lot of dropped calls, and trying to download pretty much anything takes forever. As for the cable service, often I give up watching a show because either the screen freezes or pixilates, or the sound just stutters out every third word. Charter says this is because their entire wiring system needs an upgrade, but there are no plans to do one any time soon, and by the way, would you like to try our Silver package? Oh, and I pay $170 a month for this.

  7. Laura Shelnutt says

    I totally agree with this. I have to walk outside just to use my phone most days.

  8. Lawrence T. Lipford says

    I am 68 years old and have lived in Heard County all of my life. I had ATT phone service for over 40 years and finally ATT internet service go so slow with them that it would lock my computer up and caused me to have to take my printer into the shop for problems caused by this. I called ATT daily and complained about this slow and sorry service that I was getting and at the same time I was paying for DSL light. ATT finally suggested that I go with Hughsnet.com which has been much better than what I had but still is not as good as Charter but it is less expensive and will serve my needs. We need good POSITIVE growth in our county and fast internet service is very much needed in order for us to have this. There are two things that new businesses are looking for when they move into a community, enough potable drinking water and fast internet service. As many people that work from home on line in this day and age, this is a much needed service in order to attract these type of people into our community.
    Lawrence T. Lipford

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