May 29, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Statement from Arrested Woman

Dear Editor:

An article appeared in late August in the Heard Citizen about me being arrested on alleged charges related to tampering with hydrants.

Obviously, my attorneys will not allow me to directly address those charges. But I’m writing this letter for my safety and to protect myself against a vendetta that has been going on for a decade. I want the public to know there is much, much more to this story, as many in the county are already aware.

About a week before I was arrested, the late-night damage to my buildings from the Heard County Water Authority’s suspicious nighttime pumping into Alabama got much worse, and suddenly there were a lot of utility-related trucks hanging around my place, mostly during the night. They saw me out in my yard watching their activities and filming them, including at 4 AM after I’d been awakened a half-dozen times that night.

And then suddenly a few days later, I find myself arrested and held with what really amounted to no bail at the request of the Water Authority? That was the very first thing I thought about the minute I was arrested. And it’s interesting that my cameras were seized from my home, along with my computers and cellphone – and are still being held.

I was told to my face at my bond hearing that the huge $160,000 bail amount (higher than in one of my attorney’s murder cases) was “because the Water Authority wants to keep you locked up in jail just as long as they can.”

And adding the strange $110,000 cash-only requirement made it effectively NO bail.  Since when does the party pressing charges against a person get to set their bond amount? I have reason to suspect the Water Authority needed to keep me away from my property for awhile in order to dig up some of the mess they have installed out here, or to sneak around and fix something – perhaps even on my land. If anyone saw anything or has any information, please contact me at:

While I was being held in the Heard County jail, I was threatened by the officer who arrested me (Dan Boswell) just minutes prior to my bail hearing on August 12th, not to ever call Heard emergency services again about chemicals such as lantern fuel, sulfur, ether, ammonia, etc. that drift into my house at times, especially at night.

This has caused me a lot of health distress and I do have witnesses, yet I had already been threatened with arrest several times in the past by some in the EMS department for continuing to call about the problem, and even told that maybe I “should have thought about how you might need to call 911 someday before you sued the county.”

Boswell insisted on talking with me before the judge arrived in the hearing room. I was threatened that if I called any of the county’s emergency services again about the chemicals, he was going to arrest me again and that I would be held in jail even longer that time.

And when it became obvious that I was about to be released, somebody insisted that a stipulation be added to my bail requirements that I must agree to not call Heard County’s EMS system about anything related to these chemicals in order to get out of jail on the unrelated hydrant charge. Wasn’t I supposed to have been arrested for something to do with “hydrants?”

There is no doubt in my mind after the threat from Boswell that preventing me from being able to call Heard EMS about these chemicals was just as much a reason for my arrest (and keeping me jailed for a month) as whatever the Water Authority thinks I did to a hydrant.

I am writing this letter at 3:50 AM after waking up with a headache and my house filled with a chemical ‘rubber or plastic-burning’ stench. I guess those responsible can be pretty confident they have free pass now that I’ve been barred from calling EMS and threatened with arrest if I do, can’t they?

A meat smoker was installed next door on the side near my property literally a few days after I was finally released, and there is clearly a tag-team effort afoot to torment me and try to provoke me into calling EMS so I can be re-arrested for violating my bail requirements — just exactly as if I am some animal.

And this is exactly what’s been going on for several years. Somebody keeps on and on and on with chemicals and smoke directed right into my house, and when I finally call EMS after hours of it, everything conveniently stops (of course) before responders can get way out here, and then I am berated for “abusing EMS resources.”

Basically, I AM being tormented like an animal in order for somebody in Franklin to manufacture a sham case that I “imagine smelling things,” so therefore I also “imagined” the damage to my buildings by the Water Authority.

The Heard County Water Authority has already destroyed eleven years of my life with the incompetent mess they have installed on and around my property in order to sell water to people in Alabama, and with their refusal to replace the smaller-diameter stretch of pipeline they left in my yard.

And contrary to all their lies and the public hysteria they’ve orchestrated about me being “crazy,” their own employees told me on the day in 2006 when I first came forward about this damage, that they tried to warn those in charge about the disaster that would result in this curve where I’m located if the too-small pipe was not replaced, but were blown off and ignored. Instead, to keep their blunder and some of their ‘side’ water sales covered up and continuing, some of these people actually thought they could get me declared “crazy” for being LGBT in 2007, until apparently some attorney explained that it wasn’t 1930 anymore.

When that didn’t work out for them, it appeared they were advised by an attorney to just pretend they’re scared of me and keep hollering about that until they ginned up a false public narrative that I somehow pose a “danger” to them. When in fact, the exact opposite is true. And when all their harassment and the never-ending attempts to criminalize and arrest me still didn’t run me off of my property, the family of county employees then spent several years trying to smoke me out of my home.

After the lawsuit I filed against the Water Authority got “good-old-boy’ed, the damage to my buildings never ceased. And then things greatly worsened two to three years ago when it appeared more ‘side’ water sales into Alabama began. For more than two years now, I’ve had to live with constant sleep disruption almost every night.  And it’s not much of a stretch to say that I have lived almost WITHOUT sleep for much of this past year.

I have been awakened at least 2 to 4 times almost every single night by heavy thrusts against my house which occur at the same minutes of the hour when pumps cycle or come on, or by hours of sustained force pushing outward around this curve against the front-facing foundation of my house.

Especially around weekends, I’ve had to get up repeatedly during the night, rush outdoors in every kind of weather, and keep repositioning my heavy van atop trouble-spots along the water main to hold down some of the motion until the pumps are turned off. And there have been nights when I’ve had to go outside as many as 10 or 12 times in order to stop ramming or rocking motion that is damaging my house and even causing me lower back pain from having to brace my body against that powerful, sustained push.

I honest-to-God got more sleep the first night after I was arrested and put in a cell than I had been able to get the entire previous week in my own home, thanks to the Heard County Water Authority who was responsible for my arrest. The most sleep I had gotten any night that week was 3 hours.

And though I am accused of a property crime — not a violent crime — my release conditions center around requirements that falsely portray me as some crazy and dangerous public menace — which in turn creates a dangerous climate for me and all but gives those in cahoots with this effort, license to harass and torment me as if I am some animal. I was required to turn over the guns I inherited from my father in order to be released.

And when I got home, the first thing to leap out at me was that Boswell’s search of my house was laser-focused on hunting for two things, neither of which pertain to hydrants – guns and computer files pertaining to the Heard County Water Authority’s damage to my property.  He even pilfered in my purse and took extra backup disks that were labeled “Water Authority lawsuit.”

This effort to seize every copy he could find of files related to the Water Authority issue certainly makes it appear that somebody was desperate to stop or hinder me from exposing details about what is happening to me.

For all these years, the Water Authority has thrown up excuses that the damage I am reporting couldn’t possibly be true because it is not affecting other properties. Well, in addition to the faulty installation in the 94-degree highway curve I’m located in, it now appears that rogue, seat-of-the-pants water lines have been installed in a haphazard manner across my land in power line right-of-ways and probably other places, as well.  And that mess being connected to the water main in my yard has likely created much of the nightmare that has destroyed 11 years of my life and damaged the buildings I love. I suspect this was done while I was in California.

And I was informed by no less than a government agency in Atlanta that they received information about a rogue water line being installed down the dirt road that runs through my property to provide “free water” to somebody on that road. It looks some old boys were just so sure that I would spend most of my time in California after my mother’s death, that they thought they were going to just take over my land.

Hence all the desperate and bizarre efforts for 10 years to criminalize me, try to get me declared crazy like something out of the 1930’s, and run me off this property I treasure, which has been in my family four generations.

And one thing that has puzzled me and my attorneys for a decade has been the absolute obsession among some of the crowd behind all this with taking guns from me and trying to prevent me from having guns. This effort actually began even before Jimmy Knight and some former commissioners used county employees who had been sent to vandalize my property with bush-hogs and a backhoe in retaliation for me filing suit, to make up lies that I had “threatened” people. That total bunk was bandied about for years to claim that I was “dangerous.”

The purpose even back then always appeared to be manufacturing some excuse to take guns from me. But why?? Well, it now looks like the reason they are so desperate to further trample my rights by keeping me from owning guns is because they have rogue water lines buried without permission on my land and want to be able to illegally trespass on my property with impunity!

Marie Meacham

Franklin, GA  



  1. Dianne Chambers says

    A meat smoker next door equates to “torment” ?

  2. Wow there are some serious and disturbing allegations here. This deserves a full investigation from an outside source. How sick to try and damage someone’s credibility by using their sexuality against them.

  3. Marie, Don’t you have a well? Why don’t you just disconnect from the water line coming to your house and use your well. I understand you are upset if these things are really true, but you could just get away from it if you did that. And I don’t think that the water authority has run lines down that “dirt road” you are talking about. The closest person is almost a mile from Wehadkee road and Heard Co. is not gonna pay to let someone get “free water”. Just do yourself a favor and back away from the situation.

  4. dudleydoright says

    Is she crazy, or has she been driven to the point of craziness. A coin toss is not sufficient. Either be kind to this poor woman, or the county as a whole needs to own up and make good. This is just not right. Makes me ashamed to say I’m from here.

  5. I think I’d leave it up to my attorney to protect my rights and mind my own business until I won and struck it RICH! Unless of course, if I was lying, then I’d just shut up😥

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