September 26, 2021

Letter To the Editor: “They need help”

Dear Editor:

Last week when I went to the store for my essentials run, I witnessed something that I feel should be addressed.

I was in the check out line and the cashier was working as fast and as hard as he could to ring people up. Then I heard it: “They need help.”

I cant even convey the tone it was said in through typed word. I have worked retail (not during a pandemic) and I have heard that statement.

I remember it making me feel like I was failing at my job and it was a way for the customer to let me know they were annoyed that things weren’t moving more quickly.

I cannot imagine how it made that young man feel if he heard it.

I know we are in scary, uncertain times. I know we want to get in and get out of stores and limit our exposure. I totally understand that, but please let’s remember that these workers are doing the best they can.

They are working through a pandemic and most of them are getting minimum wage or a little over. They are exposing themselves to who knows what so that we can have food and other essentials.

Let us remember to show a little grace, flash a smile, say a prayer, and for Pete’s sake…say thank you!

COVID-19 is contagious but so is kindness!

Thank you to our service industry workers for continuing on. You are working through something that was never included in your job responsibilities.

Thank you to the stores with plexiglass shields with cart wipes. Thank you to the stores with 6-ft space markers and for bleaching and cleaning the carts. Thank you!!!!

Meagan Lark Sheets

(Heard County)

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  1. Thank you for the letter. I work in a store and I understand what the cashier goes through you are right sometimes all it takes is a smile and a thank you to the cashier.

  2. Sandra Michelle Lloyd Sartain says

    I am a professional nurse and I only WISH that my patients would have said that in the past!
    Because it would let me know that they recognize the fact that I was being overwhelmed with the workload or assignment which was most likely the case in the past. Thankfully I have changed areas of Nursing and no longer has to worry about that. But other nurses do. And I pray for them every day.

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