October 29, 2020

‘Live the Promise’ Interest Meeting

(Newnan, GA) — When a tragedy strikes overseas, the Church always responds. We send our dollars and prayers to the victims of earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts and floods. Sometimes we even send people across the ocean to serve and comfort.

What about a tragedy occurring in our own backyard? What if your neighbor’s house burned down? The local church would show up and welcome the family in, clothe them, shelter them, tending to their every need. The Church cares for the marginalized, the vulnerable and those in need. It’s what we do – when we’re aware.

Foster care is the invisible tragedy in our own backyard. Through no fault of their own more than 400,000 children are in foster care in America. And more than 13,000 here in GA. With a huge deficit of homes and an overwhelmed and understaffed system, we have a serious crisis at hand. Not only are these kids traumatized in their own homes, but tragically, many are abused in the foster homes where they are placed.

These vulnerable children don’t need more available beds. They desperately need loving, Christian homes where they can experience the love, healing and transformation that only comes through an encounter with Jesus. They need the Church to show up!

God has perfectly poised the Church to solve the foster care crisis. The challenge is that most churches want to help, but don’t know how. Live the Promise, an established foster care ministry, is leading the way teaching churches how to recruit and support foster families.

Their Care Community model offers an opportunity for everyone to find a role that suits their  level of commitment; bringing a scheduled meal once a month,  helping with childcare, or practical chores and praying for the family.

Not only does the Care Community allow families to foster longer and stronger, but it is also the source of future foster families. People who don’t yet feel ready to foster often begin with volunteering. Once they get an insider’s view, they gain confidence to take the next step to become a respite or foster family.

Do you want your church involved? Region 4 is the next place Live The Promise will host an interest meeting on November 15, 2016 from 10 AM -12 PM at Crossroads Church in Newnan. RSVP to Ty@promise686.org or call (678) 230-6381.

So, come on Church! It’s time to show up! Come join the movement of churches who together are part of the solution. God is using His Church to set the lonely in families.

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