October 22, 2020

Local 12-year-old turns 3

HCMS sixth-grader and leap-year baby Seth Kimble

A sixth grade student at HCMS, Donald Michael Seth Kimble, is celebrating his third birthday today.

When Seth arrived at Piedmont Newnan hospital at 1:10 a.m. on February 29, 2000 he was met with a lot of fanfare and even appeared on Fox-5 news as the first leap year baby to be born that day.

According to his mom Anna Kimble, in non-leap years Seth typically celebrates his birthday on February 28 although she adds he usually celebrates for a whole week.

Only one out of every 1461 babies are born leap year babies. Seth is also questioned often at school about the fact that he has three names. He is named after his grandfather, step-grandfather, and Seth comes from the movie City of angels.

Seth is extremely kind-hearted, a good student, a great basketball & baseball player, and most of all he’s the best son, grandson, and brother anyone could hope for! We are so proud of him! Happy Birthday sweetie! ~Anna Kimble

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