May 16, 2021

Local convenience store burglarized

AJ’s Country Food Mart (Photo: Debbie O’Neal/Times-Journal)

(Franklin, GA) — The Heard County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a burglary that took place this week at a local convenience store.

The burglary took place in the early morning hours on Thursday, February 13 at approximately 2:00 AM at AJ’s Country Food Mart.

AJ’s Country Food Mart is located at the intersection of HWY 27 and HWY 100 just south of Franklin.

“According to the surveillance camera video it appeared the suspects parked on the old Thompson Road access and walked to the store,”says HCSO Investigator Dan Boswell.

“There were at least two suspects, wearing dark clothing and blue gloves, and one suspect was carrying a claw hammer. There were some items of evidence collected at the scene that will be processed.”

According to store employees the suspects entered the store from the side kitchen door by breaking both locks off. Only minor damage was done to the store.

Store surveillance cameras show the masked suspects spraying the outside camera in an attempt to hide their identity. Once the locks had been broken one suspect entered the store and proceeded to the ATM machine.

At 2:14 AM, the alarm began to sound and the suspect left the store, apparently not having enough time to get what they came for.

Heard County Sheriff’s office responded to the alarm and was at the scene within 10 minutes according to Boswell.

Anyone having any information concerning this burglary should contact the Heard County Sheriff’s Office at 706-675-3329.

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