October 29, 2020

Local District Attorney’s Office collecting school supplies

(Franklin, GA) — The Coweta Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office will provide local underprivileged children with school supplies for the upcoming year.

Agency officials are hoping the community will join them in their inaugural ‘Backpack 4 Kids’ event throughout July that will help elementary school students in Troup, Coweta, Heard, Meriwether and Carroll counties.

The campaign was started after a disturbing effort by a well-known gang in the Troup County area hosted a similar initiative to give children school supplies last summer.

“We actually had a gang in Troup County that did something similar to what we’re doing in which they gave out school supplies to a lot of local children,” said Brett Adams, assistant district attorney.

“They did so under the pseudonym ‘Growth and Development,’ which was a program that appeared to be focused on helping local children get school supplies. It was actually ran by the Gangsters Disciples, which is a well-known criminal street gang that operates all across the country and here in Troup County.”

Adams said the district attorneys Office didn’t want to sit by while the gang garnered support from people throughout the local community for a second year.

“We wanted to make sure people in our community didn’t have to rely on a gang to have help providing kids with the school supplies they need,” said Adams. “We want to show them that they can rely on us to not only keep them safe, but to also help with providing supplies that they might not be able to buy for their own kids.”

The program, Backpacks 4 Kids, will be held throughout the month of July and will invite anyone to donate funding or school supplies to local law enforcement facilities, jails or district attorneys offices around the district.

Adams notes that there is an alarming number of children in the Coweta District who often go to school without necessary supplies due to poverty.

“There is a very high number of kids in our district whose parents are simply not able to buy a lot of things for them to take to school,” says Adams. “We are trying to help those families out and make sure our kids go to school with everything they need to get a quality education.”

Backpacks 4 Kids aims to collect at least 1,250 backpacks to distribute to children throughout the six counties within the Coweta Judicial District.

Adams hopes to be able to provide 250 backpacks to each local county in the district.

“My wife works as a teacher, and I saw firsthand how badly some of the children in our district are in need of school supplies and how it effects the dynamic of the classrooms,” said Adams.

“She would come home from work and tell me about how she was not able to teach a specific lesson that she wanted to because the kids in her class did not have the supplies they needed. The only way for them to have those supplies was for her to buy them herself. Teachers don’t always have the means to provide supplies for all of their students every year.”

Adams hopes that the Backpacks 4 Kids initiative, along with other similar efforts hosted by local churches and other groups, will help provide each child in the district with school supplies.

Adams did not comment on whether the Gangsters Disciples plan to host another school supply effort again this year, but noted that the district attorney’s office plans to counter any efforts by the group.

The Backpacks 4 Kids program runs through July 30. The District Attorney’s office plans on distributing the backpacks to local elementary schools at the beginning of August.

Anyone who wants more information or to help may contact Brett Adams at badams@pacga.org or Drew Case at dcase@pacga.org. You can also reach them at 706-298-3708 or go to their Facebook page:CJCBackpacks4kids.

School supplies the D.A.’s and staff are collecting:

• Eight-packs of crayons.

• Assorted construction paper.

• 70 count spiral notebooks.

• Black and white composition notebooks.

• Wide ruled notebook paper.

• No. 2 non-mechanical pencils.

• Manual pencil sharpener.

• Colored folders.

• Ruler.

• Glue stick.

• Blunted scissors.

• Backpacks.

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