October 22, 2020

Local man one of two charged in Troup sex abuse case

(Troup County, GA) — A Franklin resident is one of two men facing serious charges in a Troup County sexual abuse case.

According to an email report by Sgt. Stewart Smith with the Troup County Sheriff’s Office, 40-year-old Joseph Lamar Arrington (residence listed as 110 Maple St., Franklin, GA) was arrested on October 19, 2017.

He is charged with Child Molestation, Aggravated Sexual Battery, and Aggravated Child Molestation.

William Michael Arrington, age 47, of 458 Wares Cross Rd., LaGrange (arrested on October 17) is facing identical charges in the same case.

The charges stem from alleged incidents involving a 14-year-old female victim that took place in late 2016 in northern Troup County.

The victim is not a relative of the two men.

Stay tuned to HeardCitizen.com for more information as it becomes available. (Photos: Troup County Sheriff’s Office)



  1. Michelle Sartain says

    All of these sick twisted ppl are on the way to being exposed…..

    • Anyone can be charged with something but doesn’t mean its true. They will be found not guilty bc they did not do this horrific shit. Also claimed to happened late last yr & just now reporting thats strange to wait a yr if it happened but it didnt. Someone got mad at bs & claimed this yr later.


    • So your thier judge and jury hu

    • Thats harrash considering you don’t know the whoe story. They will be found not guilty. Anyone can be charged with something but does not mean they done it or that they are guilty pep lie all the time ejrn they are mad. Claimed happened a yr ago & just now reported this. Strange enough there bc it never happen & if you knew them & their family you would know the truth instead,of jumping to conclusion that they are guilty without knowing the whole truthful story.

      • Kelsea Davis says

        Baby I was who got rapped and reported it that same night you don’t know what I been threw ! So please **** out of here they where sick people who took advantage of me dumb ass hoe what you must be one of the family members but I don’t got to explain sh*t to you I hope the same Shii happen to someone you love hoe

  3. Innocent till proven guilty

  4. Pennygsteele says

    Put them in jail and throw away the keys anyone put there hand on a child should be in jail for the rest of there life go for murders to are beat haft to deaf one

  5. Why y’all always bashing and judging them and you don’t know nothing

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