September 27, 2020

Local Writer Pens a New Paranormal Crime Drama

(Franklin, GA)Demon Fire – Redemption is a novel by first time author Chris Cumbie which weaves the world of fire investigations into a thrilling paranormal crime drama with religious undertones depicting the battle between good and evil.

Jake Landers’ practical mindset works well for him as an Arson Investigator.

His knowledge that fires must adhere to the physical rules of the world and that their cause and origin can be determined with time and effort is the foundation of his job.

However, Jake’s logical life will change tonight and he will learn fire is not always controlled by the forces of nature. Sometimes it is controlled by darker forces from a long ago past.

This realization will begin a journey that will lead him into a new realm of possibilities while looking back in time to find the true origin of the destruction raining down on the citizens of Deer Creek.

About the Author

Chris Cumbie lives in Ephesus Georgia with his wife Tamantha. He has spent over 20 years in the public safety field. His current state and national certifications include Firefighter, EMT, Peace Officer and Fire Investigator bolstered by two college degrees in both Fire Science and Criminal Justice. The Demon Fire Novel was an idea to incorporate his knowledge of fire into a fictional tale of goodness and love battling against a force of hate and contempt born in a time long ago.

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