December 7, 2021

Longtime HCHS Assistant Principal Resigns

(Franklin, GA) — According to a statement released by Heard County School Superintendent Rodney Kay this week, longtime Heard County High School assistant principal Chris Edwards has resigned from the school system after 16 years.

“Heard County Schools received the resignation of Mr. Chris Edwards this morning. Mr. Edwards served as assistant principal and CTAE director at Heard County High School. Heard County Schools is very grateful for the many years of service and wishes him well as he pursues other opportunities,” said Kay in the statement Wednesday afternoon.

Edwards’ official resignation came after the Heard County Board of Education voted to rescind his 2019-2020 contract approval during a called meeting on Thursday, March 7, 2019.

Following an executive session at the meeting and upon Mr. Kay’s recommendation, District 1 Board member Chad Wood made the motion and after a second by Greg Holcomb from District 4, the motion to rescind passed unanimously. Kay says a new assistant principal will not be in place until the 2019-2020 school year.

Chris Edwards also released a statement to the Heard Citizen saying he has been overwhelmed by the love and support from the Brave Nation over the past few days.

“I am a blessed man. It has been a joy and an honor to have the privilege to work alongside such great people,” Edwards stated. “Over the past 16 years I have fallen in love with Heard High and this awesome community. I have peace in knowing I can leave with my head held high and knowing that I never wavered in doing what was right and always holding the standard high. I will miss this school and the Brave Nation!”

Prior to arriving at Heard County, Edwards had been a teacher and coach at Rockmart, Villa Rica, and Carroll County. He was a graduate of Central High School in Carrollton and graduated from West Georgia College after receiving a football scholarship. He completed his masters in administration from Jacksonville State University and his specialist degree from Lincoln Memorial University in 2008.

Chris Edwards with his wife Krysti (L) and his children Julia, Ellie Kate, and Jake (R).

Edwards and his wife, Krysti, were married in 1992 and have three children: Jake, Julia, and Ellie Kate. Jake and Julia each graduated from Heard High and Ellie Kate is also a current Heard County student.

Krysti has courageously battled cancer during the last few years and the Edwards family is very thankful for the tremendous support and love shown to her by the Heard County community.

Following in his dad’s footsteps, Jake is a redshirt senior offensive lineman at Georgia Southern University.

Several of Mr. Edwards’ longtime colleagues and friends also expressed thanks for his many years of service to the school including D.J. Curbow.

“As the teacher in charge of ISS/Alternative school I worked with Chris on a daily basis. I can say that he is at the top of the class when it comes to discipline. He has had my back as well as all the other teachers at HCHS for the last 16 years and we appreciate it,” said D.J. Curbow this week. “He will be missed in a huge way by the teachers at the high school.”

Athletic Director Shane Lasseter also expressed his gratitude for Edwards’ contributions to the growth and development of HCHS.

“Mr. Edwards is one-of-a-kind guy that made as much of an impact on the success of Heard County High School as any person in the last two decades. Many of the great things that we have, talk about and enjoy on a daily basis is a result of his dedication to our school, the kids and staff while at HHS,” said Lasseter. “He was a key ingredient to HHS becoming successful and I personally appreciate everything he did for the school that I call home.”

Head football coach and longtime friend Tim Barron says he is praying for the school system as it moves forward into the future.

“I will always look back on the past 16 years that I got to work beside Chris Edwards as a special time in my career. He has played a vital role in the transformation of our school,” says Coach Barron. “While some people will debate the decision to move in a different direction, no one can ever question his loyalty to our school and his desire to create a disciplined and safe environment. I pray that as we move forward we all focus on his accomplishments and we all take into consideration that despite what some may think there is a good man and a good family listening and seeing what we say and post on social media. I pray for him and his family and I pray for the success of our school system.”


  1. You got rid of a good one!!
    Much luck with a school system ran by people not wanting their child, or a friend’s child disciplined, when they clearly were in the wrong!!!!!!!
    Smhh at small town “politics”!!
    Bigger and better than Heard Co on Chris Edwards horizon!

  2. Not sure how good he is but when I was there he screwed me over. He let a teacher give me a failing grade who threw away my work and couldnt prove it. He told my mother he didnt need prove that he would always take his teachers word over a student any day. Lost all respect for him that day.

  3. What was the date of the automobile vandalization that led to this and why didn’t we read or hear about it then?

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