October 29, 2020

#LoveLikeLilly Youth Service at Prospect Church

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(Franklin) — The presence of the Lord was sure to be felt in Texas, Georgia on Sunday morning at Prospect Church. The students led a #LoveLikeLilly Youth Service to Celebrate the Life of Miss Lilly Scott.

Pastor Brandon Brooks gave a hearty welcome and opening prayer. Savannah Stephens, Kyli Putzek, Jordan Watson, Hannah Stephens, Cori Putzek and Anna Sims were the lovely ladies that sang “Revelation Song” in the choir led by Taylor Brazeal.

Kinley Cantrell gave the Offertory Prayer. Wesley Brooks and Zack Stephens were the young men that collected the Offering.

Student Cori Putzek beautifully performed an interpretive dance to “I Have to Believe.”

The Children’s Ministry read Bible verses. Those participating included Nathan Thomas, Noah Thomas, Isaac Pike, Noah Pike, Grace Pike, Brody Buc Cofield, and Georgia Veal.

Brock Eady performed an extremely moving tribute of “Peace like a River (It Is Well with My Soul)” duet trumpet arrangement.

Elijah Toney brought the message on “4 Steps to Motion.” He preached from Matthew 9: 9-12. Stand up, Expect, Step into your blessing, Step out of your situation, and Thank God for what He brought you through.

Brody Buc Cofield gave the Blessing over the Meal by saying The Lord’s Prayer. Everyone that came had the opportunity to leave with a blessing because this group of young men and women did an amazing job.

So much love and talent was shown in this service at Prospect Church. What a better place this world would be if we all strived to #LoveLikeLilly.

When God shows up… He shows out! #LoveLikeJesus (Photos Courtesy of Mandy Stephens)


  1. We always hear about the bad stuff our young Men and Women (Students) do. But so many Young people have performed many acts of kindness during this time. So many other Schools youth have done Awesome things in support of Lilly as well. I am at fault of not recognizing and giving praise to them when something is done in a positive way by our students. So to all to all of you who have showed your support for Lilly, her family, and Her Friends, I applaud you for your efforts. Makes me see how Good our Nation’s future will be, as the torch passes to our Younger Generation’s we will be just Fine. Thanks and God Bless our Nation and our Youth.

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