September 21, 2020

Malone Workforce Solutions Executive VP talks local job market

(Lagrange, GA) — We have noticed an increasing number of jobs coming available in the Troup County market and wanted to learn more about the current condition of employment in our community.

We recently sat down with Jamey Jackson, Executive Vice President of Malone Workforce Solutions, to ask the questions many job-seekers may be wondering as they’re looking to re-enter the workforce.

Q: Is the economy back?

A: I think that’s really hard to predict unfortunately but I do have optimism from what we’re seeing.  Typically staffing is the first to leave and the last to come back in a recession, but this time around we’re having an early uptick and I think that’s a strong departure from the normal condition.  I think the bounce back will be greater and quicker than 2008-2009 for those of us who went through that economic period of time.

Q: Are people concerned about going back to work because of exposure to COVID-19?

A: To start, I absolutely think it’s a normal human response to have that concern as our fellow citizens are looking to re-enter the workforce.  I would say however, that our client partners here in this market are really putting their best efforts forward to try and mitigate those risks.  We’re seeing temperature scanners at the entry gates, mandatory mask policies, deep cleaning of facilities on a regular basis and that’s just to name a few measures being taken.

Q:  What do you think the job market looks like post COVID-19?

A: I think we will certainly see changes in the way we work as we move forward.  I’m not sure that I’m fully ready to commit to the work-from-home model, I just think it has too many disadvantages and challenges to continue that model long-term.  I think virtual work is here to stay, but I’m not sure Troup County will see that on a widespread scale.  I could see more virtual job fairs and hiring events though to allow for flexibility of the job seekers.  I do think an interesting group to watch is our young people fresh into, or entering, the workforce.  I think coronavirus will cause them to look for stability in their work ventures and ultimately be more risk averse.

Q: Are you currently hiring?

A: We are, and we’re hiring in a big way right now.  There seems to be a good bit of demand that’s been built due to the quarantines and our client base here in the Troup County market is starting to ramp up production.  Most people that already live here know that we are the staffing partner with Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia as well as many of their suppliers.  There are many factors that go into the forecasts but car sales look strong in the near term.  We’re really excited that we’re the mechanism on the front line of putting our hard working neighbors back to work.

Q: What is the role of the staffing company in the hiring process?

A: In most cases, we are simply providing the pathway to full-time employment with our clients.  Our goal is always to see our team members reach the finish line and be converted to a full-time role.  Obviously that takes hard work, showing up on time, proving your ability to work on and with teams, etc. but we are simply a step in the process.  We are a first step for someone looking to create long-term opportunities for themselves and their families.

Q: How easy is the application process with Malone Staffing with social distancing?

A: People who have lost their jobs or been negatively affected by this pandemic are facing circumstances many have never seen before as they are looking to rejoin the workforce.  We want to make it as easy as possible for our community to find work that can create immediate opportunities to provide income for their households.  So the quick answer is extremely easy!  Interested applicants can go online and visit to fill out a quick preliminary application to get the process started.    I would certainly advocate that now is the time to apply and get yourself into the queue.

Q: What do you think separates your company from others in your industry in Troup County?

A: I would start with the fact that we’re a family owned and operated business that was founded in 1971.  I think that family atmosphere permeates throughout our local team, client partnerships and our community.  Our team members in the field are so very important to us and we’re always trying to find ways to improve ourselves for them.   I think in any situation, whether we control it or the client does, we have to ask “how does this affect the team member?”.  In terms of COVID-19, we’re taking the pandemic seriously and we expect the same from everyone along the way for the safety and well-being of our team members.

Q: Do you have any final thoughts about employment in Troup County?

A: Right now we’re watching federal, state and local recommendations and those will shape this as we move forward.  We’re facing many of the same situations that other communities in our state and the rest of the country is, maybe from a more macro approach.  I am a firm believer though that Troup County can figure out how to Troup County.  If we work together pull the rope in the same direction, we can ensure that our neighbors have the ability to go safely back to work and get back to a prosperous condition for all involved.  We have great leadership in every sector involved whether it be governmental, medical, industrial, small business, etc.  We’re all in this together.

Malone Workforce Solutions was founded in 1971 and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. They operate over 80 offices throughout the US and specialize in hourly production related positions. They have local Georgia offices in West Point, LaGrange and Fayetteville.

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