May 16, 2021

Man arrested for ‘choking chicken’ at Piggly Wiggly

(Franklin, GA) — A Florida man was arrested at the Piggly Wiggly in Franklin Monday evening after a female employee discovered him allegedly masturbating in the produce storage area in the back stockroom of the grocery store.

Following an investigation by the Franklin Police Department, 36-year-old David Earl Robinson is officially charged with Disorderly Conduct and Public Indecency/Indecent Exposure.

David Earl Robinson (Photo: FPD/HCSO)

According to a report released by Lt. Tino Brooks, the alleged incident took place at around 7:00 PM Monday.

The store employee stated that the man had already been acting suspicious during an earlier visit to the store before returning and asking to use the restroom located in the back stockroom.

When the man wasn’t seen again for a period of time, the employee went back to look for him and stated she observed Robinson with his pants down and in the act of ‘self-gratification.’

When initially interviewed by police on the scene, Robinson denied the act stating that he had trouble finding the restroom but was not masturbating.

However, Lt. Brooks viewed surveillance camera footage from the stockroom and states he viewed the man masturbating after leaving the restroom leading to the charges.

Brooks also found the man to be in possession of a small burnt marijuana blunt but no drug charges were filed due to the very small amount that was located.

The man’s home address given to police is in Marianna, Florida and sources indicate he may be a member of a road construction crew working in the area.


  1. That is sick. .whats wrong with people today… Do theese people not get screened when they bid on city or county jobs… geeze

  2. Clean up aisle 4

  3. Anybody else think this guy looks like Kevin Hart?

  4. Barbara Andrews says

    OMG people are sick and crazy

  5. Leigh Ann Smith-Mitchell says

    Pervert. Sicko .Disgusting!!!

  6. Michael Manzella says

    When in doubt “whup” it out!

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