October 25, 2020

Mayor Chapman pleads not guilty; Court date set for May 7

Franklin Mayor Teresa Chapman waived her right to arraignment yesterday in Heard County Superior Court and entered a plea of not guilty on all charges.

Chapman was indicted last week on one felony count of theft by deception and nine felony counts of identity fraud in relation to the the American Family Life Assurance Company (AFLAC).

Chapman is scheduled to be back in court on May 7, 2012. Chapman is represented by attorney Virgil L. Brown and Associates from Zebulon, Georgia.

While the Mayor still refused to comment on the case this morning, she did state earlier this week that next Thursday night’s Franklin city council meeting will go on at City Hall as scheduled.

According to a report by Denise Dillon of Fox 5 Atlanta News last week, Franklin City Attorney David Mecklin said that the “Mayor’s fate” would be on the agenda at next week’s meeting.

A phone call to Mecklin earlier this week to clarify this statement was not returned. Current acting Mayor Pro Tem Shane Manders also declined to comment on the matter.

Stay tuned to HeardCitizen.com in the coming weeks for further updates as this case progresses.



  1. Tesia McCormick says

    How can you plea not guilty when you turned yourself in ????????

    • Russ Massa says

      Once someone has been charged in a case like this they are typically advised to turn themselves in. It is not an admission of guilt or innocence and typically it is the right course of action whether guilty or innocent…

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