October 24, 2020

Meacham jailed on several felony charges

Marie Meacham

(Franklin, GA) — A Heard County woman was arrested on several felony charges earlier this month related to her alleged tampering with fire hydrants in the western part of the county.

59-year-old Marie Meacham, a resident of Hwy 34 near the Alabama State line was arrested on Thursday, August 10.

She is charged with Wearing a Mask which Conceals Identity of Wearer (3cts), Interfere with Municipal Public Utilities (7cts), Possession of Tools for the Commission of a Crime (3cts), and Interference with Government Property (8cts).

According to lead Heard County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Sgt. Dan Boswell, Meacham is believed to have allegedly been opening and tampering with fire hydrants in the area for several months near her home in the Waresville.

Boswell says he worked closely with water authority personnel recently to monitor the hydrants which are crucial to public safety, and says that the HCWA had even placed special locks on the hydrants early this year to try and eliminate the problem of them being opened. He says Meacham allegedly cut those locks off.

Boswell says through surveillance camera footage and a search of Meacham’s home they were able to find sufficient evidence to make an arrest including the location of a tool they believe she used to open the hydrants.

Eleven of the charges (Interference with Municipal Public Utilities and Possession of Tools for the Commission of a Crime) are felony charges.

Meacham has been at odds with the Heard County Water Authority for many years and filed a lawsuit against the utlility in 2007.

Meacham’s bond has been set at over $100K and as of today she remains behind bars at the Heard County jail.

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