October 28, 2020

New Teacher Spotlight: Dalton Reed

(Franklin) — The Heard County school system is releasing a personal bio for several new faculty members who will begin teaching at Heard County for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year.

The sixth in this series comes from new Heard County Middle School teacher, Dalton Reed.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more personal bios from other new faculty members.

My name is Dalton Reed and I am from right here in Franklin, Georgia. I attended Heard Elementary (when it was on Bevis/Mary Johnson Rd.), Heard Middle, and graduated from Heard High in 2012.

During my high school years is when I was introduced to the realm of teaching and my love for History.

Whether it was in the form of music, sports, or just helping a friend, the seeds of being a teacher were slowly, but surely, being planted.

Dalton Reed

During my senior year, I faced a decision on whether to chase my dreams of playing college baseball or to follow my passion for music.

After graduation, I attended Augusta State University and it was there that I began my journey as a college baseball player, and a future educator.

I started as a Physical Education major, but quickly realized that that was not what I wanted for my career. I just thought that I was meant to do more with this talent.

Halfway through my second year, I made the switch to Middle Grades Education, with a primary focus in Social Science and a secondary focus in Science.

After two years of school and baseball in Augusta, I decided that I wanted to come back home. I enrolled at Point University, as a student, and was quickly scouted out and offered a baseball scholarship.

It was at Point that my passion for teaching truly developed. There were a total of three, yes three, education majors in my class, and this allowed us to have valuable one on one time with veteran teachers.

Not only did i see growth as a teacher, but i saw growth as a son, brother, man, coach, etc… Point taught me that everyone has a story that makes them unique and it is my job to learn that story and do whatever it takes to make that person better (normally they will make you better).

It was at Point that I also realized why I wanted to teach. I call it the “Power of One”. If I can impact one kid. Whether it takes one day, one year, or even thirty years, I have accomplished my goal. Just impact one kid.

I graduated from Point in May of this year and it was the happiest day of my life. The memories that I have from that Institution will be with me forever.

From Going to Lewiston, Idaho for the NAIA World Series to doing an ESOL lab in Opelika, Alabama, they all have a special place in my heart.

I look forward to many memories as I begin this terrifyingly new chapter of my life, but I know that I have a great support system that will be with on this journey.


Dalton Reed



  1. Carol Talley says

    Heard County is definitely lucky to be getting a young man of this caliber become one of their teachers. Having him as a role model for the middle school students is just the icing on the cake. Congratulations to one of the finest young men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

  2. R.L. Hughey, Jr says

    Heard County has long been a great place to grow up and with quality young people like this continuing to come into the school system I have high hopes for our future.

  3. So proud of the students that graduate from HCCHS and have a desire too come back home and give back to our students and community. Love you D-MAN
    Mrs. Parks

  4. Katelyn Jones says

    Thats exactly what he said last year at school he was always encouraging and believed that any kid could do anything as long as they put there mind to it. He said that his only goal was to make you smarter then when you came into 6th grade, leave you better then when he found you. I always knew he was a good teacher even if I didn’t show it he was my 3rd favorite teacher out of 6th grade. I recently moved to Long Cane Middle School this summer and I am now in 7th grade and I noticed through out this year everything he taught me has humongously improved my grade. I also want to give Heard County School l system a big shout out there rules that I thought were just crazy to have last year impact the students a lot and are really good to have. So thank you Coach Reed if you read this I dont know where I would be without you.

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