October 28, 2020

Pastoral Nuggets: Focus

Brother-Aaron-236x300Have you ever noticed that, regarding instructions for our walk with the Lord, the Bible is filled with short lists and concise statements? The Lord knows how to condense!

For example, He only gave us Ten Commandments. Man! Aren’t we glad? We have enough problems just keeping them. What if He had given us a hundred?

Regarding the Great Commandment, He kept it short. He taught us to love Him with all our heart, soul, and mind, and to love our neighbor as our self. He then said that all the other commandments hinge on these “two.”

His command was short and concise. He also kept it short and concise with the Great Commission. He taught us to go to all nations and teach them, baptize them, and disciple them. Again, the Bible/Jesus is filled with short lists and concise statements.

In a word, Jesus modeled: FOCUS. But I’m afraid that this is where we often get into trouble. We lose our focus. We try to do four hundred things well and to be everything that everybody expects or wants. Consequently, we wind up doing nothing well and becoming the frustrated, exasperated person that God never intended us to be.

I remember as a child playing outside with a magnifying glass. (Hey! We were poor! Okay?) When it was unfocused, all it did was magnify whatever you were looking at. However, when you used it to focus the rays of the sun onto a piece of paper, you could literally set the paper on fire. Now, consider what I just said: Unfocused: All it does it magnify or make something appear larger than it really is. All too often, “our problems” are what we are magnifying. Focused: It unleashes fire. And as Christians, this is what we want unleashed in our lives – His Holy Ghost Fire!

So, my encouraging word to you readers today is really quite simple: Stop concentrating on and magnifying your problems! All you are doing is making them appear larger than they really are!  Start bringing focus into your life. This begins when you stop trying to do a hundred things at once and stop trying to be everything everybody wants or expects.

It is better to do a few things well than many things mediocre or worse yet, poorly! And it’s better to be the person God wants you to be than the person somebody else wants or expects. A focused life unleashes the power of God within you! (Reread that last sentence!) And focus begins with “clarity of purpose.” I mean – really nail down God’s will for your life! It means learning to utilize every resource at your disposal to achieve His will for your life.

And it means choosing not to focus on whatever may detract, distract, or shift your focus away from accomplishing God’s perfect will for your life. In short, your personal walk with Jesus should be so focused – that it unleashes the Fire of the Holy Spirit – regardless of where you are and regardless of what you are doing.

One more time, the Bible/Jesus is filled with short lists and concise statements. Jesus focused;  Jesus condensed, and Jesus refused to be distracted. As Christians, don’t you think we should strive to insure that our lives model the same things He modeled?

Focus, condense, and refuse to be distracted.  Again, focus, condense, and refuse to be distracted.

I think all of us should think on these things!

Brother Aaron  

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