May 17, 2021

Pastoral Nuggets: Getting the Corruption Out

My momma was a sage. She had a way of boiling her wisdom down to simple little sayings, that even as a child, I could understand.

However, I later discovered that some of her sagely sayings were not grounded in as much scientific fact as she asserted.

She was just manipulating my behavior! Sayings like: “Don’t cross your eyes; they’ll get stuck that way,” “Don’t scratch that; you’ll make it worse,” or “Don’t touch that frog; you’ll get warts.”

However, some of her sayings were so chock full of wisdom that they have stuck with me for a lifetime. Recently, the memory of one of her sayings came to life again.

I was born and raised in a vastly different time than today. I was raised in a time that, if you were made to stay inside the house, you were being punished for something. Country living meant you had all the great outdoors at your disposal to flesh out any game or activity you could imagine.

We learned to hunt and fish. We learned how to build “hotrods” out of a piece of wood, a couple of axels, a few nails, and a rope for steering. We played games like freeze tag, hide and go seek, follow the leader, hand me over, football, and baseball – with a ball somebody’s momma had made of old socks, I might add.

Being raised poor meant, that as a young boy, you spent the summer roaming the woods barefooted, shirtless, and in a pair of cutoff britches.

As a result of this, it wasn’t uncommon to get a briar, splinter, or something stuck somewhere on your body and for it to become infected.

I can still hear my momma’s voice as she would call to me, “Come here to me young man; I need to look at that spot on you!”  It didn’t take me long to learn that she had eyes in her fingers! Her “looking” meant she was about to mash the living daylight’s out of an infected splinter, briar, or something! I protested loudly, squirmed, and declared, “Momma, that hurts! Why are you doing that?”

And she would reply, “Because it’s infected! And I’ve got to get the ‘corruption’ out before it can heal.” (She called infection corruption.)

Then, after “looking” at it and torturing me for what seemed like a day, she would then put some Merthiolate or Mercurochrome on it. And oh boy, that was certainly special!

As you and I journey through this thing called life, unfortunately, all too often we get stuck by the thorns and splinters of undesirable circumstances, situations, and people.  In our zeal for living, we often fail to stop and administer the proper treatment. Left untreated, over time, these thorns and splinters become infected sores filled with corruption.

Corruption prevents healing and leads to unforgiveness, bitterness, and a miserable life. And as my momma said, it is not until we “get the corruption out” that healing can occur.

I wonder what thorn or splinter has caused you to be filled with corruption. Perhaps it’s a failed marriage and a bitter ex-spouse. Maybe it’s a wayward child.  Maybe it was the betrayal of a trust or a failed friendship. Maybe it was mental, physical, or sexual abuse. Maybe it was a business deal or business partnership gone bad. Maybe it was a moral failure by someone you held in the highest regards. Maybe somebody stole or took something very precious from you. Maybe it was __________. You fill in the blank!

It could have been anything or anybody, but the result is the same: UNFORGIVENESS & CORRUPTION.

Forgiveness is a choice. It is not predicated upon the offender asking for forgiveness. No! It does not excuse what they did, nor does it give them permission to ever do it again. It simply means coming to the realization that the corruption we’re harboring is killing us. It means “choosing” to get it out so healing can occur. It simply means that the Jesus in us is bigger than the circumstances of our lives, or what somebody did!

I can almost hear the Lord saying to somebody, “Come here.  Let Me look at that. I need to get the corruption out – so you can heal.”

Brother Aaron 

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