May 15, 2021

Pastoral Nuggets: It Happened – Just This Way

Proverbs 17:22(KJV) says, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”

So, I think that from time-to-time it does all of us good to laugh – even if it is at somebody else’s expense!

Speaking of laughter, I am convinced that sometimes the Lord looks down from heaven, sees me, and starts belly laughing!

I have a vision of Him, while laughing hysterically, motioning, and calling to all the angels saying, “Y’all come here and watch this dummy! (God has a Southern drawl!) I didn’t give him but half a brain – and he’s trying to use it!

So, that being said, what you’re about to read is the Facebook post I wrote describing two incidents that happened to me this past Sunday that I’m sure caused God to laugh. I promise you; they happened just this way!

I think my sixty-four years are starting to catch-up with me! I was scheduled to preach this morning at Lanett Congregational Christian Church in Lanett, Alabama, where my good friend, Pastor Mark McCarty serves.

Marianne and I went into church around 10:45 AM. I was surprised that the service had already started, and they were having communion. Undeterred, I walked right down the middle aisle and sat on the front row. Marianne was smart enough to sit in the back.  I began to suspect something was awry when another pastor was administering the Communion.

In fact, Pastor Mark McCarty was nowhere to be found! Then it hit me. Lanett “Congregational” Christian. We were inside Lanett “First” Christian. Further disrupting the service, we got up and marched right back out! Yes, were able to get to the correct church on time! But how embarrassing!

Sunday afternoon I was scheduled to speak at the United in Christ service at the Sweetland Amphitheater in LaGrange. We were directly in front of the outdoor stage. The music was loud, so I slipped my hearing aids out and put one in each of my pants pockets.

I posted a video to Facebook of Freedom Sound singing. I also copied my daughter singing. Now, let me make you aware that the app on my iPhone for adjusting my hearing aids, updated last night.

So, as we were leaving, I attempted to listen to those videos I had posted. NO SOUND! I thought: That crazy update has messed-up my iPhone! When we got home, I spent about 15 minutes going through the settings on my iPhone, trying to figure out why my hearing aids, that are paired via Bluetooth with my iPhone, wouldn’t play any sound.

I mean, it wasn’t just the recent videos I posted to Facebook that I couldn’t hear – THERE WAS NO SOUND PERIOD! AND I WAS GETTING UPSET! But then, after about fifteen minutes, I REMEMBERED MY HEARING AIDS WERE IN MY PANTS POCKETS! It’s amazing how much better the sound on my iPhone worked when I took them out of my pockets and put them in my ears!  Ugh!

HAVE MERCY! If this is happening to me at 64, what’s gonna happen to me at 74?  Shaking my head!”

So, whatever crazy thing you do today, be encouraged! You’re not the only person who does, shall we just say, “Less than intelligent” stuff?

Again, be encouraged!

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Brother Aaron

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