October 30, 2020

Pastoral Nuggets: Random Thoughts

Brother-Aaron-236x300A Thought on Doing Your Job:

Somewhere along the way I ran across the following story regarding Coach Lou Holtz.  I don’t remember where, or I would give proper credit.

The story says, “In his first year as football coach at North Carolina State, Lou Holtz accepted (earned) an invitation to the Peach Bowl.

He went to the university’s athletic director and said, ‘It’s customary for the coaching staff to get a bowl bonus, usually a month’s salary.’  ‘Why?’ the athletic director asked.

‘Well,’ Holtz said, ‘we played well enough to get a bowl invitation, we filled up the stadium, we’re nationally ranked, alumni contributions are at an all-time high, and most schools give the coaches a month’s salary for doing this.’

The athletic director stared at Holtz and said, ‘All of that is why I hired you. That’s your job. I fired the guy before you because he didn’t do those things. Don’t come in here asking for a bonus for doing your job.

I’m going to let you coach here again because you did those things.’  No room for mediocrity in that athletic department. No ribbons handed out for perfect attendance or trying hardest. Results. Excellence.

That’s what mattered. Holtz went on to say his staff did receive their bonus, so the athletic director wasn’t such a bad guy after all.

As leaders we don’t work for ribbons and most of us don’t work for one month salary bonuses, but we do work for the Lord and that should call for an even higher level of excellence.”

A Thought on Positive Chang Produced by Tragedy:

“In the early 1930’s the Boeing Company built the B-29 Bomber.  It was better known as the Flying Fortress.  It was an airborne version of the Navy battleship.  On October 30, 1935 a group of civilian and military dignitaries gathered at Ohio’s Wright Field to watch its test flight.  The plane went down the runway perfectly, took off beautifully, and ascended in a steep climb.  Then, stalling, it suddenly tipped wing over wing and crashed, killing both pilots.  Upon investigation it was discovered that the pilots failed to release the elevator lock prior to takeoff.  The plane, it seemed, was too complex to fly: there were too many things to remember.  Because of this tragedy, Boeing developed a safety procedure that is still in effect today all over the world:  The Pilot’s Pre-flight Checklist!”  (Mastering Life Before It’s Too Late, Robert J. Morgan)  The Pilot’s Pre-flight Checklist has saved untold thousands of lives through the years.  The question today is:  When tragedy occurs, will we allow that tragedy to go to waste, or will we use it to produce positive change in our lives and in the lives of others?

A Thought on Intentional Change:

“You will never change what you tolerate.  You’ve got to put your foot down and say, ‘That’s it.  I am going to start making the right choices.’”  Joel Osteen.

A Though on Dreams:

“You cannot experience a dream come true – without a dream.”  I heard myself say that the other day on the Fresh Fire Ministries Radio Broadcast.  Hey, it’s bad when a preacher starts quoting himself, isn’t it?  However, I’m sure it wasn’t original.  I just forgot who I heard say it first!

A Though on Pacing Yourself:

It is reported that, upon his death bed, the famous Scottish pastor Robert McMurray M’Cheyne said, “The Lord gave me a horse to ride and a message to deliver.  Alas, I have killed the horse and I cannot deliver the message.”

Just some random thoughts for all of us to ponder.

Brother Aaron

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