October 23, 2020

Pastoral Nuggets: Random Thoughts from a Random Mind

Brother-Aaron-236x300I recently heard one of my African-American pastor friends praying.

He prayed, “Lord, help us to remember that life is journey, not a destination.

And as we take this journey, help us to remain faithful to You until heaven is satisfied, Your people have been edified, and Your name has been glorified!” I thought to myself: My goodness, that man prays better than I preach!

In the Book of Acts, Peter and John were on their way to a prayer meeting. They encountered a cripple begging at the Gate Called Beautiful. Peter told him that he didn’t have silver and gold, but he would give him what he had.

He told him in the name of Jesus to rise up and walk. And he did! I don’t find it recorded where Peter and John ever made it to the prayer meeting. When God interrupts, it’s okay to change your plans and miss the prayer meeting!  Again, when God interrupts!

A lampstand can produce light. However, it cannot produce the oil necessary to produce the light. We too can shine. However, only God can fill our lamps with the Oil of His Holy Spirit that we so desperately need to be a light for Him!

Christian friend, when the windows of heaven open to bless you – the gates of hell will open to blast you. You can count on it!

I was speaking with a lady not long ago who was telling about driving a bus in Atlanta. She said that when she finished her route and was heading back to the bus barn to park her bus, she would reach up and turn on the “out of service” sign on the front of her bus. She stated she was always amazed how many people didn’t pay attention to the “out of service” sign.

She said that often, as she was simply passing by a bus stop on her way to the bus barn, people would see her bus and stand and start to approach the loading zone – only to watch her pass them by.

I couldn’t help but wonder how many Christians and churches have their “out of service” sign on. A lost and dying world wants to go where we’re going – but we are passing them by – “out of service” – on our way somewhere else.

A preacher friend told me about a trip to San Francisco from which he had just returned. He said he was walking downtown and came by a worksite where a building that had once stood between other buildings, had been imploded.

The debris had been cleared away and all that was left was a giant hole. He said that as he continued to walk he wondered what was going to be built there. He said he then came upon an artist rendering of what the new building would look like. It occurred to me the Bible says that before God ever formed us in our mother’s womb, He knew us.

The Great Artist of the Universe created a rendering of us before we were ever born. The plans are already made. And while I may be just an ole chunk of coal right now – I’m gonna be a diamond someday!

100% of every unplanted seed, regardless of the DNA it contains and regardless of how fertile the soil – will not produce the crop of which it is capable. Secondly, every seed you plant is not meant for you to harvest. Sometimes you plant, others water, God gives the increase, and others harvest!

And I close with this: Today the Faith Community is so busy “going” to church – that we have forgotten to “be” the church!

Just some random thoughts from a random mind.

Brother Aaron

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