June 20, 2021

Pastoral Nuggets: Things I Heard Along the Way

Every once in a while, I devote a column to sharing things that I heard somebody else say along the way.

Today is one of those columns.

In my opinion, one of the greatest tools of all time is the notes feature on my iPhone.

You see, ordinary people constantly say profound stuff. So, I have learned that whenever one of these nuggets, or pearls of wisdom, come my way, to take a moment, write it down, and save it to my iPhone!

In fact, the first nugget I want to share with you goes right along with what I’m saying. It says, “The biggest lie I tell myself is that I don’t need to write something down – ‘cause I’ll remember it!” Yeah!  Right! Like that’s really gonna happen!

This’ll make you chuckle.

“A kindergarten sheepishly made his way to his teacher. The teacher could tell that the child wanted to tell her something.  So, she asked, ‘Did you want to tell me something?’ He replied, ‘Yes ma’am.’  She then said, ‘Okay. What is it?’ He said, ‘Well, I just felt like I needed to warn you about something. My dad looked at my grades the other night and he told me that if my grades didn’t improve, ‘somebody’ was going to get a whupping!’ And I thought you might want to know!”

  • I love this one – “Good lawyers know the law; great lawyers know the judge!”  Wow!

  • I heard a pastor say, “I feel like roadkill on the information highway!”  I can relate!

  • “If you look at a calendar, you’ll find Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  However, you’ll never find Someday!”

  • “It doesn’t matter where you’ve been.  It matters where you’re going!”

  • “The numbers change when people do.”

  • “Ships are built with storms in mind!”

  • “Timid salesmen have skinny kids.”

  • “When purchasing an item, foolish people ask, ‘How much down and how much per month?’  Wise people ask, ‘How much does it cost?’”

  • “God did not give you permission to be the Holy Spirit in my situation!”

  • “A kid in a grocery store was pitching a fit because his momma wouldn’t buy him something that wasn’t in her budget.  We all have that person living in us. His name is: Immaturity!”

  • “Whatever God has you doing, it’s not a stepping stone to a better gig – it is the gig!”

  • “As hard as it is to feel pain – it’s harder to feel nothing!”

And finally, I heard a story about a photograph that was taken of a woman leaning across a gentleman’s bed. She was holding one end of a stethoscope to the man’s chest. You could see the scar on the man’s chest from an open-heart surgery. The woman was crying profusely.

When looking at the picture, the immediate assumption is that the man she loved has died. That is not the case at all. Sometime earlier, her boy, who was an organ donor, was killed.

The man, upon whose chest she was pressing the stethoscope, was the recipient of her son’s heart. And for the first time, this woman was hearing her son’s heart beating inside the man’s chest.

The preacher who told this story then said, “God’s Son died for us. I wonder, if God placed his ear upon our chest, or upon the chest of His church, would He hear His Son’s heart beating?” Wow!

Just some things I heard along the way!

Brother Aaron    

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