October 25, 2020

Pastoral Nuggets: What Can We Do?

I think it goes without saying that any reasonable person in America today is deeply troubled at the state of our nation.

School shootings, gang related violence, alcohol and drug abuse, the decay of the traditional family unit, the lack of discipline, disrespect for authority and the rule of law, the lack of manners and morals, and the all-out war against anything even remotely resembling Christianity and Christian values – are as bad as I have ever witnessed.

America is polarized and deeply divided. Sadly, society is degrading from “we the people” and is moving at light speed toward “us and them.”

Jesus clearly warns in Mark 3:25(KJV) that “… if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” Therefore, as Americans and Christians, the question that begs an answer is: What can we do?

Any answer must be formulated upon the realization that all the horrific things I named in the preceding paragraph – are not the problem! They are only the symptoms of the problem. And problems aren’t solved by attacking the symptoms.

America will never get better until she deals with the root cause of her problems: Sin! Let me be clear. Civil laws are necessary for any society to function properly. However, passing new legislation is not the cure for America’s problems. Besides, you cannot legislate morality.

Regardless of what law is enacted, if people desire to do so, they will find a way to be unGodly, immoral, and “less than intelligent!”

Judges 2:10(KJV) teaches us that after Joshua and all his generation died, the Children of Israel raised, “… another generation after them, which knew not the LORD, nor yet the works which he had done for Israel.” This is where America is today! We are reaping what we have sown!

So, what can we do? I have a novel idea. I think that as individuals, couples, families, households, churches, society, and communities at large, while not neglecting anybody, we should shift our focus for change to our babies and our children.

For too long we’ve given too much attention to what the youth and senior saints want. And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, instructing and modeling Godly Biblical principles and standards before our children must become our priority.

Ponder what America would look like twenty-one years from now if every baby born in American today was raised in a Christian home, by Christian parents, who fleshed out the teachings of the Bible.

What if we declared, and meant, what the prophet of old said in Joshua 24:15(KJV) “… as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”?

You can call me an ole fuddy-dud, Bible-thumping-preacher, who is out of touch with reality, if you so desire. But here’s the truth. What we’ve been doing is not working! So, I say it’s time we go back to what worked and start teaching Biblical principles to our babies and children.

Years ago I served as the pastor of Roper Heights Baptist Church. We had many babies, children, young adults, young married couples, single adults, middle age adults, and senior adults. However our youth department was woefully lacking. The decision was made that, while we would continue to love the youth we had, we would shift our focus and resources to our children’s ministry. In essence, we started over.

Four or five years later, as those children grew into teenagers, we had a robust youth ministry! You see, change is made by relentlessly applying gentle pressure over a long period of time. We didn’t get where we were overnight and we wouldn’t change overnight. But we had to start somewhere! So does America.

We have raised several generations that don’t know the Lord. Sadly, our best hope may be to cut our losses and start over.

America will not change until every one of us makes the commitment to change. Change doesn’t begin somewhere else with somebody else. Change begins with you and me. It starts with our life, our family, our workplace, our church, and our community! What can we do? Personally commit to, “… as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

Brother Aaron

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