October 26, 2020

Pastoral Nuggets: When the Conditions Get Right

Isaiah 64:2(a) (KJV) states, “As when the melting fire burneth, the fire causeth the waters to boil …” Note what the writer says, “…the fire causeth the waters to boil …”

There is an underlying truth here that I don’t want you to miss: When the conditions are right, the water has no choice but to boil. A physical change occurs.

Let me say it again: When the conditions are right, the water has no choice but to boil.

The truth regarding water is, at sea level, it boils at exactly 212 degrees Fahrenheit. 211 degrees is just very hot water. It is only when the conditions get exactly right, 212 degrees, that change occurs.

It’s amazing to me how we desire change in our life, but are unwilling to alter our conditions to produce that desired change. I tell people that I am fat and happy. If I wasn’t happy, I would implement the changes to produce a leaner me. That’s just the simple truth. And another simple truth is that there are consequences associated with my refusal to alter my conditions to produce a change.

Here’s one more simple truth: If I expend more calories than I consume, weight loss will occur. Period. But knowing what the conditions should be and aligning them – are two entirely different things!

I recall hearing a story about a quality control inspector examining a machine that was producing a particular product. He spent an inordinate amount of time examining the settings on the machine. As the inspector was leaving, the machine operator yelled at him. He said, “Hey! You forgot something!”

The inspector walked over to the operator. The operator then asked him, “Don’t you want to examine the finished product?” To which the inspector replied, “No, I don’t.” The operator asked, “Well why not?” And the inspector replied, “Because if I make sure the process is being followed correctly, the finished product has no choice but to be right.” Wow! When the conditions are right, the water has no choice but to boil!

In my forty-two years of ministry, I have come to a conclusion. Things don’t necessarily go bad or wrong because somebody is bad or wrong; things go bad or wrong because somebody has abandoned the process required to produce the product they are trying to produce in their life.

Marriages fail because one or both of the participants abandon the Biblical requirements for a healthy marriage. Often, not always, but often, wayward children are the end result of parents who abandoned the Biblical requirements for raising well adjusted, well behaved, productive children.

And don’t get me started on this, but if we had more children squalling today because momma and daddy had put something on their backside that Ajax won’t take off, then we’d have fewer squalling parents tomorrow! And societies fail because we abandoned the Biblical process for a healthy society.

In my opinion, the greatest need America has today is for us to alter the conditions, in our homes, churches, society at large, and our personal lives, to produce the change we need. After all, when the conditions get right, the water has no choice but to boil! Think about that!

Brother Aaron


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