May 16, 2021

Paws 4 Bravery Extends Services to Heard County Veterans

(Franklin, GA) — The James Stewart Chapter welcomed the Paws 4 Bravery organization at a recent chapter meeting to introduce a non-profit organization available to Heard County Veterans.

Their official canine Paws 4 Bravery Ambassador, Trey, enjoyed his time with the chapter members and their special guests, American Legion Adjutant, Durell Langley and Legion member Raymond Brown from Post 148 and George Wheeleses, President of the Casimir Pulaski Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution.

The Paws 4 Bravery program is dedicated to supporting veterans and providing a second chance for shelter pets by pairing them with American’s veterans who could benefit from a companion animal.

Many studies have shown that companion animals can serve as a life-saving friend to veterans that suffer daily from depression, PTSD and other challenges.

Medical studies have shown that companion animals significantly improve mental and physical health, including reducing stress, depression and anxiety, symptoms experienced by many serving or who have served in the military.

Mike Dollar is the Paws 4 Bravery Veteran Liaison and a Wounded Warrior.  Mike adopted Trey, his 3-legged American Husky, through the Paws 4 Bravery program. Trey survived a catastrophic car accident, having his right rear leg and hip crushed.

After his surgery, Trey began the long recovery process. On his first day back in the shelter, Trey and Dollar met and formed a bond that continues to this day.

Director, Annie Stewart, stated, “Trey very quickly became a magnet for Paws 4 Bravery … whenever we had a tent at an event or festival, people flocked to us specifically to see Trey! That gave Dollar the confidence to be able to reach out to talk about our program to those who were drawn to the tent through Trey.”

There is no charge to any US Veteran in Heard County. Funding for this program is provided from Carroll EMC, Rolling Hills RC&D Council and the State of Georgia.

Any veteran in Heard County wanting to adopt a companion animal will fill out a Meet Your Match application available at the Carroll County Animal Shelter. The shelter staff or Paws volunteers will assist the veteran to ascertain what he or she is looking for in a companion animal to make the perfect pet match!

Mike Dollar & Trey, Veteran Liaison (Photo: Pamela Lyle)

This non-profit hopes to reach out to the Heard County Shelter and the Heard County Humane Society in the near future and provide these companion animals from within our county.

Durell Langley commented, “I was very impressed with the Paws 4 Bravery and what they do for Georgia Veterans. Meeting Dollar and Trey was such an inspiration and I know there are many veterans that would benefit from this program – even some in Heard County. I look forward to working them for Heard County Veterans.”

Trey ended his visit with some gourmet dog cookies, toys, treats and lots of love from the chapter members and guests.

For more information on the Paws 4 Bravery program, please call (770) 214-3590. Follow them on or on the web at

The James Stewart Chapter members continuously seek out programs to support our county veterans.

Consider joining your local chapter to give your time and talents to the men and women that made freedom possible for all of us. Call (770) 856-3354 to speak with a chapter representative.

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