October 30, 2020

‘Peeping Tom’ arrested at Carrollton Target Store

(Carrollton, GA/Gradick Communications) — A Waco, GA man spent the night in the Carroll County Jail this week after Carrollton Police investigators determined that he used a wine-corkscrew to create a hole so he could peer into a department store fitting room.

Christopher James Sieglitz (Photo: Gradick Communications)

Christopher James Sieglitz (Photo: Gradick Communications)

C.P.D Captain Shannon Cantrell says a female victim had entered a fitting room in the Target store off Highway 27 Thursday afternoon, when she saw what she immediately suspected to be a peephole.

“She said she was changing and saw what she thought was a peephole. Then she looked through the peephole and saw another eyeball looking at her,” Cantrell said. “She said at that point she notified Target employees.”

Store employees notified police and followed the man until he left the store. Carrollton Officers arrived as the man had entered the parking lot.

“Officers went back to the fitting room and found one hole that was completely through one stall and found another hole where he apparently was in the process of making a second hole,” Cantrell said. “After interviewing the employees at Target, they said they had seen the guy in the store a couple of times in the last couple weeks. They said both times he went in, he went straight to the fitting room and then would leave.”

Carrollton Police have charged 29-year old Christopher James Sieglitz Of Waco with criminal trespass, loitering and peeping tom.

This is not Sieglitz’s first arrest for something of this nature. His record does show a previous peeping tom charge and another incident where he was charged with invasion of privacy. Both arrests were outside of the Carrollton-area.

Investigators recovered what they believe to be the cork screw used to create the peep hole.

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