May 16, 2021

Possible severe weather in Heard County Saturday

(Franklin, GA) — Forecasters are closely monitoring a strong storm system that may pose a threat of strong to severe storms for the West Georgia area tomorrow.

All of Georgia is currently under a level 1 and level 2 threat, with the best chance for severe weather in the western half of the state.

A large line of thunderstorms is expected to move out of Alabama and into Georgia by Saturday afternoon and into the evening. This line could be capable of causing damage with strong wind gusts, brief tornadoes, and heavy rainfall.

Strong wind gusts from these storms can bring down trees, damaging property and causing power outages, and heavy rainfall may cause flash flooding.

The Heard County Emergency Management Agency has released some information as a reminder to local residents.

“With a possibility of severe weather this weekend, residents are reminded to stay aware of changing weather conditions,” said the EMA in a press release issued this week.

“Although Heard County has seven outdoor warning sirens, they are primarily designed to warn residents who may be outdoors. Residents may not hear the sirens inside of a house or building or while they are asleep. Residents are encouraged to have a personal alert device such as a weather app downloaded onto their phone, a weather radio (which should be turned to the local weather service) or be enrolled in the Code Red Emergency Alert System that Heard County uses.”

If sirens are activated, residents are advised to seek shelter immediately.

Click here to sign up for the Code Red Emergency Alert System.

For further Information residents may call Heard County Emergency Services at 706-675-6186.

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