May 12, 2021

Promoter loses big as concert plays to empty arena

Concert promoter James Tittle was visibly upset Saturday afternoon thanks to a lot of empty seats at the Heard County Arena for his heavily promoted bluegrass concert.

The Bluegrass Sound Band was to perform for what Tittle had hoped to be a minimum of 1000 people.

The promoter quickly realized that the numbers would be smaller than that as the arena was for all intent and purposes completely empty for the show which lasted from 1-5 p.m. in the afternoon.

“I just don’t understand what happened. We promoted the show with lots of advertising in the local newspapers and through several local radio stations. Even some of the people who won free tickets through the radio contests did not show up,” added Tittle.

It was unclear exactly what the defining reason for the lack of attendance may have been, but the start of spring break holidays for most of the area schools certainly seemed to be a factor as many local families had headed out-of-town for vacations.

Those few that did come out for the show enjoyed a worthy performance by the bluegrass band from Marietta,Ga which featured three members of the Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame.

Tittle estimates a personal loss of $15,000 thanks to the poor attendance. Six vendors who traveled from the Jackson, Georgia area for what amounted to minimal sales also suffered losses.

“This leaves a  black-eye for our promotion and for Heard County. I had hoped to bring some bigger name performers such as Charlie Daniels and Travis Tritt to the Arena in the future, but this failure leaves me questioning whether to move forward with those plans,” stated Tittle.

The promoter had intended a seven concert series this spring and summer but he is now uncertain about the fate of those upcoming events. The next country music show is slated for later this month.

Two lonely patrons enjoy the concert from the front row


  1. John Roberts says

    Spring Break in my opinion is a bad time to plan anything in Heard County as everyone who gets time off head out to the beach and elswhere to get away. On another note, Charlie Danials and Travis Tritt I think would have a far greater turnout than a Bluegrass band. While Bluegrass is awesome music many young people today have little interest in it. As for the promotional side, everyone I spoke to knew nothing about it. That being said I hope he considers other forms of advertisment for future events. Buy a GIANT ad on HEARD Heard County needs a large LED type billboard with upcoming events posted on it.

  2. Randy Bryan says

    I spoke with Mr Title on the phone before saturday, and he was thinking around 5000 people were going to show up. That is a lot of people in one place in Heard county and at one time. I think he will make some money here. If I had to chose between Bluegrass, Easter egg hunt or going to PC, Bluegrass is going to lose. He just needs to plan it better and understand where he is.

  3. Connie Nelms says

    Bluegrass is a wonderful event to plan, the timing was just not good. We had all intentions of attending until we found out that it was in the middle of the afternoon. I do hope that Mr. Title will consider bringing the event back to Heard County………….. just not in direct competition with Saturday afternoon chores, Spring break and Easter Egg Hunts.

  4. Linda Clay says

    I haven’t seen any advertisements about the concert. Even though I live in Heard county, I don’t get into town often to see any posters or get the paper to see the ads. If you were to advertise in the SHOPPER put out by Lagrange Daily News (everyone gets these in their mailbox), and place ads in the Troup County News as well as the Newnan Times Herald, you would definitely get the word out to surrounding areas and bring people in which would also be good for the businesses in Franklin, Ga. Just watch the timeing and what else is going on in the area. You might also plan on things like this in the late afternoons as in 4or 5:00pm-til. This gives everyone that has things to do to get it done, people that has to work Saturdays to get off, and most of the ball games played.

  5. There’s 1,527,356,752 pickers in Nashville… But I digress. My boy Rod has an ongoing self esteem issue regarding his brow line. In case you were wondering, ITS A BIGGUN! Well I was a sitting at the table drinking my morning cup of JFG when I heard the ceiling fan making the awfullest racket. I then heard the voice of my boy Rodney saying, “Daddy Daddy! My face My Face!” It turns out ol Rodney got them Twelve inch caterpillars caught in the fan when he raised his eyebrows in shock over this article. He had to take two days off from the RayBan outlet in Tenn, where he is a sun-glass model. On a side note… I wouldn’t travel two feet even on a free ride in a spaceship to see the Bluegrass Sound Band. They have a hard time drawing crowds out of a burning Piggly Wiggle, let alone to pull 1,000 folks!

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