November 24, 2020

Quick-thinking boy helps his grandfather during emergency

(Franklin, GA) — A young boy with a family background in law enforcement is being lauded by friends and family after his quick thinking and calm demeanor helped get his grandfather to safety following a fall.

8-year-old second grader Grant Chaffin and his “Poppa” Kirk King were on a squirrel hunting excursion in the woods behind King’s Pine Mountain home recently when the fall happened.

Grant Holcomb (L) with his “Poppa” Kirk King (R)

This was King’s first big outing since December spine and neck surgery but he was feeling great and had almost full mobility back in his neck.

He and Grant were walking to a creek stopping to talk about the different trees, rocks, and why Grant couldn’t shoot a fox squirrel. When the pair arrived at the creek King starting taking pictures and videos of Grant skipping rocks. That’s when the emergency occurred.

“Poppa put his hand on his head then fell down into the creek on top of the rocks, he had blood on his face and hand,” said Grant.

King managed to get his phone out of his pocket and the clever 8-year-old Grant dried it off, unlocked it, and called his great-grandfather. He then pulled his Poppa up onto his feet.

Once they stood up Grant remembered some blue property line markers, and told his Poppa to follow him and Grant lead him about two miles back to safety while constantly checking on him and making sure he was ok.

After arriving back safely, King was taken to a local hospital and kept overnight for observation and is doing well now. Grant’s grandparents had went over a “what to do in an emergency plan” before the trip and the cool-headed young boy executed that plan to perfection.

Grant says knowing he was able to help his grandfather gives him a good feeling inside.

“It made me feel amazing to help my Poppa! I am just glad he’s safe so we can go do fun stuff again,” says Grant.

King is also very thankful for his grandson’s assistance.

“Grant is a very special grandson that has an unusual characteristic for staying calm under pressure at his age. Most likely a genetic disposition and why there is a lineage of law enforcement in the family,” says Kirk King. “I hate our adventure weekend didn’t go as planned. I’ll make it up to him though.”

Grant is the son of Kristin Holcomb King and the grandson of longtime Carroll County law enforcement officer and Heard County resident Greg Holcomb. His stepfather Bryce King is a Georgia State Trooper.

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