May 16, 2021

Rebel With A Cause

(Haralson County, GA) — Despite facing an enormous amount of difficulty in his life, Brandon McClure has never lot his signature smile.

Brandon was born several months prematurely and diagnosed with cerebral palsy which has limited him to the confines of his wheelchair for most of his life.

The 34-year-old Haralson County native has never let his physical limitations get the best of him and has always lived life to the fullest.

Sadly, Brandon’s fight grew even larger when he was diagnosed with colon cancer in October of 2018.

Following some aggressive treatments, the colon cancer seemed to improve earlier this year, but unfortunately Brandon and his family learned recently that the cancer has spread to other parts of his body and hospice had to be called in to help Brandon in his difficult fight.

Brandon is well known as one of the biggest sports fans in all of West Georgia and has attended numerous events during his adult life. He graduated from Haralson County High School in 2004 so of course one of his favorite teams is the Rebels.

Bulldog fan Brandon McClure with UGA quarterback Jake Fromm earlier this year (Photo courtesy of Matt Underwood)

He also loves the Georgia Bulldogs and thanks to a long-time friend was able to meet UGA quarterback Jake Fromm earlier this year.

He additionally follows most of the Atlanta sports teams and is a huge fan of drag racing and Nascar.

Brandon especially loves Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and his Dale, Jr. Budweiser tattoo helped earn him the nickname “King B.”

The beloved sports fan has also been a fixture at independent live pro wrestling shows all over the area and has even managed some of the wrestlers during charity shows for Special Olympics.

Many of the West Georgia and East Alabama pro wrestlers that Brandon has supported so much over the years are turning the tables to support Brandon during his time of need with a very special event coming up this weekend.

A group of wrestlers (led by Brandon’s favorite former WWE Superstar Bull Buchanan) will be hosting a special show at Haralson County High School gym this Sunday at 3:00 PM with all proceeds from the show going to help Brandon in his fight with cancer. Tickets are $10 each and will be available at the show. Doors will open at 2:00 PM for anyone wanting to stop by just to make a donation.

Brandon’s mom, Denise McClure says it has always been a dream of Brandon’s to have a wrestling show at his high school gym and she believes this may be the first time it has happened. The show will feature many of Brandon’s favorites in action.

Each of the performers are donating their time for the show and concessions proceeds will also go to benefit Brandon and his family. Brandon is expected to attend the show if he is feeling up for it.

Area sports broadcaster and fellow Haralson County High School graduate Seth Cain says Brandon is an icon in the small West Georgia county and widely known as the biggest fan of the Rebels.

“Any time that I was ever in attendance for a Haralson County football or basketball game during my time in school and after I graduated and came back to watch games, Brandon was always there. His parents, another relative or friend was going to make sure he was at the games because he loves his Rebels and his alma mater that much,” says Cain.

“I feel like that many in the Rebel community, myself included, could always thrive off his energy and enthusiasm for Haralson County and to cheer for the Rebels that much harder because he cheers that hard for the Rebels. I don’t think you will find a more dedicated fan and cheerleader of the Haralson County Rebels than Brandon McClure. He is in a battle right now, but he is a fighter and is strong. He means a lot to this community.”

Denise McClure says she is very thankful for all of the support and love shown to Brandon during his struggle with cancer.

“It has just been overwhelming the amount of support and prayers we have received from so many places,” said Denise McClure this week. “Special thanks to the pro wrestling community along with Jerry Bell and the Haralson County school system for putting this Sunday’s special day together for us.”

His mom says she is very proud of how her son has handled all the many challenges he has faced in his life including his fight with cancer.

“No matter what happens, Brandon has gave it all he’s got and always with a smile on his face.”


  1. Praying for Brandon and his family! And praying for God to find a way to cure Brandon’s cancer!!! Keep strong Brandon and keep fighting on!!!!

  2. Florance Bryant says

    Mrs Loretta Darlene Kelley was my sister she worked at Haralson count high school and she loved mr Brandon prayers going up we know what god can do

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