June 20, 2021

Search continues for driver in fatal hit-and-run accident that killed young father

12:00 PM Wednesday UPDATE: Authorities now indicate after further investigation the vehicle color and description is unknown

(Franklin, GA) — Investigators with the Heard County Sheriff’s Office are continuing to search for a driver and vehicle involved in a fatal hit-and-run accident in northern Heard County Monday.

The accident happened around 8:00 PM Monday when a pedestrian was struck and killed on Armstrong Mill Road about midway between U.S. HWY 27 and Notnomis Road.

Christian North

Police say 20-year-old Christian North was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators believe North was likely struck by a red, dark orange, or rust colored vehicle with a lower profile. The vehicle should have front end and windshield damage.

The driver of the vehicle left the scene and a search is still ongoing to locate both the vehicle and the driver.

The victim’s mother, Teresa North, spoke with WSB-TV Action News Tuesday and asked for the person responsible to come forward.

“Please be human. Have a heart and turn yourself in,” Teresa North pleaded. “I don’t want to press charges. I just want to know why — why did you go away? If it was your child, would you have went away?”

Christian North leaves behind a 2-year-old son.

Anyone with any information about this driver or the vehicle involved in this accident is asked to contact Sgt. Dan Boswell with the Heard County Sheriff’s Office at 706-675-3329.

Stay tuned to HeardCitizen.com for further details as they become available.


  1. Prayers too all I hope they come forward who knows he could have still been here today if they would have just stopped it is so sad I do not even know this family but it just breaks my heart to know someone could just drive away and leave them God will get who ever did this My Prayers goes out to all of this young mans family

  2. Have a heart, turn yourself in? But I don’t want to press charges? WTH Teresa sit your azz down somewhere.!!

    • Everyone that knew Chris loved him and is hurting. Specially his mother, so please stop making these comments

    • Wow that is pretty rude to say to a mother that just lost her son. You go sit your ass down some damn where. If this is something she doesnt choose to do then why tf judge her. She is a distraught mother who just wants to know why? And besides did your mother ever not teach you how to keep your mouth shut if you dont have nothing nice to say???

  3. What did the mother say that was so wrong? She is trying to understand why someone hit and killed her son and just left him. There is no reason for someone to post such mean, hurtful posts to this lady. I didn’t know him, but still, I hope and pray they find the person that done this. Eventually, I am sure, they are going to find who done this. I can’t imagine the pain and hurt this lady is going through.

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