October 31, 2020

Several arrested for local burglaries and thefts

(Franklin, GA) — During the past several weeks the Heard County Sheriff’s Office has received an unusual amount of reported thefts and burglaries.

Property taken ranged from electronics, 4-wheelers, utility trailer, weapons to jewelry. Surrounding counties have also had similar reports.

Heard County investigators along with investigators from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office have recently recovered a majority of this property including two utility trailers, a motorcycle, weapons, tools and some electronics.

Three arrests have been made in Heard County and one in Carroll County.

Arrests that were made in Heard County were Nicholas Ryan Sheppard charged with Theft by Receiving Stolen Property, Burglary 2nd Degree, and Theft by Bringing Stolen Property into the State. Sheppard was arrested on 01-19-2016.

Ronald Earl Warren is charged with Theft by Receiving Stolen Property and was arrested on 01-04-2016.

Christopher James Gunn is charged with Theft by Receiving Stolen Property and Burglary. He was arrested on 01-25-2016.

“I would like to thank the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance these past few weeks. I just want to remind everyone to make sure and keep their homes and vehicles locked and secure,” stated Sheriff Ross Henry.

“If you have an alarm system, make sure it is set when you leave the house. Also, make sure to keep a record of serial and model numbers on your property. If items don’t have a number, engrave your initials on it if possible. Taking photos of your property, especially jewelry, can assist in identifying and increase the chance of recovering it. If you see any suspicious vehicles or activity in your area, do not approach the vehicles or enter your home for any reason. Immediately contact 911 and provide as much information to the 911 Dispatcher as possible.”


  1. Wonder if the kid in the middle drove a white dodge neon or similar vehicle. Looks like the kid I saw casing my house before it was broke into.

  2. We had some things stolen, where can we go to look at the stuff that was recovered?

  3. Sgt Boswell says

    I know many of you have been affected by the thefts in our community. I want to assure you we at the Heard County Sheriff’s Office and the surrounding agencies are doing everything we can to find those responsible and bring them before the court. As we do this I ask for you patience. Also, make sure you have an inventory and photographs of your belongings and write down serial numbers for those items that have numbers. It will make it easier to identify and possibly locate your property. As we do find the property and those responsible for taking it, we will let you know as soon as possible. As always, report any suspicious activity and if you find your home or a building on your property broken into, please leave it to us to look in there first – we may uncover evidence that can help solve the case. Thank You!!!!

  4. Cassey pope says

    If the motorcycle they were talking about was ours…we recovered it. Still haven’t heard anything about our four wheeler. And one vehicle was a gold minivan. I don’t know about the others.

  5. No the dude in the middle drove a crimson red gmc envoy, like a 2001 model… Real ruff lookin….

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