November 27, 2021

Softball Tourney at HCPR

(Franklin, GA) — HCPR is looking at hosting a double elimination lottery one pitch softball tournament on Thursday, June 28th.

We will only have 4 teams, so we will need at least 40 players but no more than 48. Ages 16 and above.

The cost per person is $15. Individuals must sign up by Wednesday, June 27th. We will meet at 6:30 PM on the 28th to draw names for teams. Your entry fee should be paid before the drawing of names.

The first 4 names that are drawn will be the team captains. Then each individual captain will draw players for their teams one at a time.

NOTE: Each team will be allowed six home runs per game. Each home run after that limit is met will be an out.

For those of you that are concerned about time on a Thursday night, we have the hookup for you. There will be a 7:00 PM game on Blue 4 and Blue 5. Then we will have a 7:40 PM game on Blue 4 and Blue 5.

After which we will go to Blue 4 for the 3rd place game at 8:20 PM with the championship game starting at 9 PM. The possible if game will start at 9:30 PM.

All winners on the championship team will receive a t-shirt. If interested in participating you will need to email by Thursday morning, June 28th before lunch.

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