May 18, 2021

Special guest speaker at Centralhatchee First Baptist Church

(Centralhatchee, GA) — Are you, or someone you know struggling with daily life? Need encouragement, motivation?

Special guest, Sara Claudia Tillman be at Centralhatchee First Baptist Church on Sunday, Feb. 23rd at 11:00 am!

Sara Claudia is a travel enthusiast, writer, equestrian, dog mom and college graduate. What makes her unique, and what most people don’t notice immediately, is that she is also blind and deaf in one ear.

Sara Claudia Tillman (Photo: Facebook)

In May of 2015, severe complications from a routine tonsillectomy left her with these handicaps and an uncertain path for the indefinite future.

As a college student, young adult and 20 year old (at the time), the plans that she had created for her life rapidly unraveled.

She had the option to sit on the sidelines and wait for answers, that may never come, or accept that this life is what was chosen for her and adapt.

While this journey has been devastating and poses new challenges each and every day, she was reminded to rely on God’s words instead of feeding her grief, all the while developing a faith that cannot be tested.

In the challenges, she has found an immense amount of joy in public speaking and sharing what she has learned about her new community through her blog.

She enjoys motivating others, providing support and encouragement in every walk of life and also educating others about the blind or hearing impaired community.

She has traveled to new corners of the world and our country with family and friends and loves sharing what she has learned and resources that she has found so that others, who have similar shoes, may find freedom from obstacles that might restrain them.

Centralhatchee First Baptist Church is located between Franklin and Roopville off of Centralhatchee Parkway.

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