December 7, 2021

Store Management releases photos from Armed Robbery

Surveillance photos of two alleged armed robbers at State Line Convenience store last week

(Franklin, GA) — The management of a local convenience store has released photos of the alleged suspects in an armed robbery that took place last week and says the store is considering changing some policies to better protect the employees and the business.

Alicia Joyce Shah hopes that surveillance photos and video she released to the Heard Citizen and local police will help identify the two men that allegedly robbed a clerk at the State Line Convenience Store last Thursday evening.

The armed robbery that occurred at the isolated store located on HWY 34 just inside the Alabama state line in western Heard County.

Witness accounts indicate two black male subjects, dressed in all black and wearing ski masks arrived at the store in possession of both a handgun and a rifle.

Upon entering the store the suspect carrying the hand gun allegedly fired a shot into the counter and demanded the store clerk give them all the money.

The men may have fired an additional shot outside the store.

Shah, who is in the process of taking over ownership of the store, says that she is thankful her employee wasn’t hurt.

She adds that the robbery netted about $3500 for the criminals. She also says the store is implementing new policies and no longer staying open past dark at least for the time being.

“My employee is shook up bad. It’s a really scary situation,” said Shah via email this week. “But I know, due to this our store hours have changed. We upgraded on security, hired a person to be with employees at night. When someone threatens an employee of mine or hurts them, it’s like they’re hurting me. I cried for my employee that night. We found the bullet that was shot through the counter lodged in a paper roll we use for our register printers.”

Shah says that although the store was officially closed for the night when the robbery took place, the door was open as her employee finished up some paperwork. She says this was a normal procedure as the store would sometimes get a couple of regular after hours customers.

The store was staying open until 11:00 PM EST but is now closing two hours earlier at 9:00 PM.

“His (the employee) life is worth more than everything I’ve got! At first when they said to him to give all the money to them, he gave all from one register. Then he was told if they came around and found any more money they’d shoot him dead. He then gave the rest of the money up,” says Shah.

Shah believes it could be someone familiar with the store that may have even been a customer.

Due to the masks and clothing, the surveillance photos reveal very little to help identify the suspects.

Currently, no suspects are in custody and the investigation is still ongoing.

Anyone with any information about this robbery or the two unidentified men pictured above are asked to contact the Heard County Sheriff’s office immediately at 706-675-3329.

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