June 20, 2021

The Great Georgia Pollinator Census (August 23-24)

(Franklin, GA) — The James Stewart Chapter NSDAR, and other around Heard County will be participating in The Great Georgia Pollinator Census.

This project is an historic initiative where all Georgians can record the numbers and types of pollinators that populate our state during the late summer.

This census was designed so that everyone in Heard County can participate. Individuals, school groups and families are encouraged to take part in this project.

Coordinated by the UGA Extension, the census count will take place on August 23 and 24, 2019.

Volunteers are asked to visit https://GGaPC.org to download a count sheet.

Find your favorite pollinator plant (maybe a flower bed or some other plant that insects frequently visit).

You should count and identify the insects for 15 minutes.

Once completed, you may upload your count to their website.

Please consider participating with the James Stewart Chapter members with this important count.

If you need assistance with this project, please contact our Conservation committee at jamesstewartchapterdar@gmail.com.

The Conservation Committee for the NSDAR was established in 1909 with the focus on protecting and conserving our natural resources.

Our Chapter Chairman, Mary Hawk Lane, has chaired this important DAR committee in Heard County for many years.

Under her leadership, trees have been identified and marked, fruit trees have been planted on a local historic property, and numerous recycling projects have helped cut down on the waste in our landfills.

Please contact our chapter if you would like to be notified of future projects to educate, promote and encourage good stewardship practices for a more sustainable future.

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