July 2, 2020

The Heard Citizen Female Athlete of the Month

Alexis AOMEach month during the sports season, HeardCitizen.com and the Heard County Brave Nation on Facebook present the Female Athlete of the Month Award to a Heard County Athlete who has performed at a high level of excellence.

The Female Athlete of the Month Award was presented at a recent varsity football game to Heard County High School Cheerleader, Ms. Alexis Emory.

Many underestimate the athleticism required of a cheerleader but Alexis is the prototype of an ideal cheerleader. According to her cheer coach, Alexis works daily to make every motion and stunt technically perfect. She is a phenomenal flyer and makes effortless jumps and always with a big smile on her face.

Congratulations to Ms. Alexis Emory on being named the Brave Nation Female Athlete of the Month for October.

Alexis was presented a $50 gift certificate from Mr. Brian Rogers, compliments of the Loco Rio Mexican restaurant. Pictured above is Alexis with her cheer coach Amanda Pike. (Photo by Khris Martin)


  1. Wylene Spearman, teacher at HHS says

    Congrats Alexis!

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