January 18, 2021

The Heard Citizen Student of the Month (December)

Thomas Jackson Snider, a 1st grader at Centralhatchee Elementary School, was presented The Heard Citizen Student of the Month Award this week at his school. Thomas was nominated for being an excellent student not only in the classroom but all around campus. He is also well known around the local talent show circuits for his amazing hula hooping abilities (See video below). Congratulations to Thomas Jackson Snider for being named the Heard Citizen Student of the Month for December! He is pictured with his Principal Mrs. Carol Thomas and his teacher Mary Ann Murphree.



  1. heardcountyidiot says

    I have been watching this cat hula hoop for a couple of years now! I will say never seen nothing like it!!!!!!! I have also heard that he is a pretty good all around boy also! Congrats to you Thomas Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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