October 23, 2020

The Princess and the 3 Peas: Second-hand Savvy

[jessica]Since I am pretty much a stay at home mom now I have given up some things to save on money. Things that I don’t mind giving up like eyebrow waxes and pedicures.

I can do both those things at home, and I actually take pride in saving our family money. I also buy make-up and hair supplies from the store now instead of a department store or salon.

I find that with time I find products that work just as well and cost a lot less. I never buy clothes or shoes unless they are a deal somehow, meaning clearance, a “2 for” deal, or consignment.

I recently went to a clothing exchange that my friend had at her house. It was basically a bunch of women bringing clothes that were still in good shape but things that they didn’t wear or like anymore.

We put all the clothes out on tables and then everyone shopped away and tried things on and everyone left with new to them clothes!

It was so awesome and I felt so good getting rid of things collecting dust in my closet and coming home with so many things I would actually wear. I have also been told you can do this type of exchange with household goods too.

I decided a while ago that since I am not bringing in as much money as I used to, that I can now try to save money as much as possible. With our economy the way it is, not to mention just trying to be able to afford gas, there is no shame in being frugal.

I hate the word cheap…I prefer to be called a frugalista! I take children’s clothes from my friends when their kids outgrow them, and in return I give them clothes my kids outgrow.

With how fast kids grow it is insane how much some things cost and they only end up wearing them a handful of times! I never limit myself to shopping at one store either. I am not a crazy couponer or anything, but I will drive to different stores to find the best deals.

I have 3 stores that I stick to for groceries because I found they consistently have the best deals. When it comes to clothing I have many stores I will search for the best deals.

I also have gone back to basics with cleaning supplies. Except for disinfectant wipes and toilet bowl cleaner, everything else in my house gets cleaned with good old vinegar. I did a 1-part vinegar to 4 parts water solution in a spray bottle I bought for $1 and voila!

Oh and vinegar is super cheap by the way. Oh man I used the cheap word, but it’s okay to use it to describe a product just not a person. I sell things whenever I can, and I donate other things for the tax deduction.

I used to think that when I was buying a gift for someone I had to spend 25 dollars or more. I now realize that I can spend 10-15 dollars and give them something very nice. Especially when it comes to my kids buying for their friends.

I teach my kids that a gift doesn’t have to be huge to show the person we care about them. Just a little something that says we love having them in our life.

I guess the biggest thing for me right now is to teach my kids how to be smart with money. They are still young and don’t even realize the difference between a $1 bill and a $20 bill, so it is crucial I make it just a way of life so they do understand.

I mean even if money is not an issue for someone, why wouldn’t they still want to save if they could, especially if the product works just as well?! I am such a firm believer in buying generic as long as it is effective.

My kids have no idea how much money some things they ask for cost, and they also don’t realize just how good our family has it. My daughter complains about her room and it is literally the size of the living room I had growing up when we lived in a single-wide trailer!

So my mission, which I gladly choose to accept, is to SHOW them mommy saves money, and appreciates money, and doesn’t waste money. I might not see them grasping the concept now but I know it will help in the future.

After all I am sure my frugalista roots came from someone showing me how to be responsible with money. Anything I have to give up to teach my kids to be appreciative is well worth it in my mind!

***Retraction from my last blog*** Bill Engvall says “here’s your sign” not Jeff Foxworthy!! =)


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