November 27, 2021

UDC celebrates Confederate Memorial Day

UDC President Sharon Frost presents the Heard County Rangers with an award 

(Franklin, GA) — On May 5, 2018, the United Daughters of the Confederacy celebrated Confederate Memorial Day with speeches from President Sharon Frost, President Elect Eve Holder and member Marifaythe Whitley.

The members had taken the time to clean off their Confederate Soldier’s grave and place flags on other Confederate Soldiers’ graves,  place a flag by the UDC monument at Veterans Park, and read an article about the TWBS(War Between the States).

During the meeting, Mary Lane read a poem entitled “Save the Souls of the Lords of Gray”, by Paul H. Yarbrough.

Posters were displayed with pictures of women who helped the Confederacy during the WBTS, pictures of General Robert E. Lee and General Stonewall Jackson and various soldier pictures.

There was also a map showing the routes taken by the two sides, Confederate money was displayed, a poster displaying artillery used and another poster with a “ Freedom”  poem written by a Heard County UDC member was shared and enjoyed.

Bulletin boards at Heard County Library and Ephesus Library were displayed with pictures and history from that time period.

The Heard County Rangers were presented with an appreciation award for always helping us in so many ways.

A wonderful program was delivered by Melba Templeton on Louise Valasquez, a woman who portrayed a male soldier during TWBS.

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