May 16, 2021

Upcoming Changes in Leadership at Heard County Schools

(Franklin, GA) — The Heard County School System will have some new faces in leadership beginning in January 2020.  In reality, those faces won’t be new to Heard County, but they will be taking on new roles in the system.

In January, current HCHS principal, Mr. Brent Tisdale, will shift to the district office level and take on the role of Assistant Superintendent of Student Services where he will join Assistant Superintendents Dr. Marianne Cole and Ms. Sheri Calhoun.

Mr. Tisdale will become the new Director of Transportation, Maintenance and Operations and also continue to serve as the CTAE Director for Heard County.

“We so appreciate the job Brent has done at our high school over the past three plus years,” stated Heard County School Superintendent Rodney Kay in a press release issued this week. “The community, and more importantly, the students love the guy. I know it has not been an easy decision for him to make. We all get into education because of the children and leaving the high school will mean less time with the students of HCHS, but Mr. Tisdale will still have his hands involved at the high school with him continuing to work with our CTAE program.”

“Ultimately, the move is being made because I believe he has a skill set that will benefit our system tremendously,” says the superintendent. “The promotion will be one that places him directly in charge of nearly 20% of our system budget and nearly 20% of our system employee population. We are very excited for Mr. Tisdale to get started and can’t wait to see how he transforms the operations of those departments in our school system.”

With the departure of Brent Tisdale from the principalship of Heard County High School, Mr. John “J.J.” Wahl will make the transition to principal at HCHS this January.

Mr. Wahl has served as an Assistant Principal at Heard County Middle School for four years before moving to the high school this year. He began transitioning to the high school in January of last school year and currently serves as the 12 For Life Coordinator, Dual Enrollment Coordinator, and is heavily involved in the area of Curriculum/Instruction.

“J.J. will be a fine instructional leader at Heard County High School. He will have a steep learning curve but will have Mr. Tisdale still nearby to assist with that curve,”says Kay. I am confident in his abilities to continue to move us forward and carry on the strong sense of community at Heard County High School.”

With the shift to the principalship for Mr. Wahl there becomes a vacancy in Assistant Principal. Mrs. Stephanie Hall will be filling that role in January.

Mrs. Hall has been with the Heard County School System since the 17-18 school year. She has served as a self-contained exceptional education instructor and has served as the school system’s new CTI Coordinator.

“When you think about Stephanie Hall you are instantly drawn to her expertise of Special Education. She will round out a very talented administrative team set to take over in January. Stephanie will continue to serve as the system CTI Coordinator and will play a vital role in continuing to develop our Exceptional Education program at Heard High,” Kay says.

“I would like to thank Mr. Mike Roberts for his work in our leadership development program,” Kay stated when asked about the overall leadership transitions. “It is critical for us to be able to look inside our system to fill leadership roles, and because of his work with our aspiring leaders and continued work with our assistant principals, we have people who are ready to step in and help us continue the success of our school system!”


  1. John Mooney says

    Does the school board ask for applications for these positions or does the School Superintendent make all the decisions. I am not a resident of the county, but own property there and pay school taxes.

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