May 18, 2021

Video of the Heard High Academic Bowl Team’s appearance on Atlanta TV

(Atlanta, GA) — Heard County High School’s Academic Bowl team finally appeared on local television Sunday after being invited to participate in a long-running game show on WSB-TV Channel 2.

The team’s appearance had originally been scheduled to air on Saturday, January 11 but the show was preempted due to severe weather coverage at the time.

A replay of the show is now posted online at and is also embedded in this article below.

‘High Q” is a game show hosted by Katie Walls featuring high school trivia teams competing against one another in battle of wits and knowledge. The show has been airing on Channel 2 since the 1980’s.

Competitors attempt to answer various academic trivia questions faster than their opponents and team members have to showcase encyclopedic knowledge, instant recall and lightning-fast reflexes.

Questions can come from almost any source and subjects may include topics such as science, geography, math, music, literature and politics.

The HCHS team is led by faculty adviser and coach Mrs. Carrie Poole, a science teacher.

The show was filmed in late 2019 and the Heard County students faced a tall order in the first round as they went head-to-head with The Paideia School, a private school team from the City of Atlanta.

Unfortunately, the Braves fell to the Paideia School in the match after the private school scored an astounding 735 points. The Braves scored an impressive 435 points in the loss.

Leading the way with the highest number of indvidual points scored was team captain Michael Payton followed by Briley Porter.

Only four competitors competed in the actual match. Representing the Braves Academic Team on Saturday’s show were Payton, Jayden Bloodsworth, Porter, and Samuel Grizzard.

The four earned the competition television slots by scoring the highest average on a series of test that covered Math, Science, English, History.

Most of the team plus a few parents were in attendance for the filming of the show.

Additional members of the 2019-2020 HCHS team include Jacob Vinson, Seth Flemming, Angel Morgan, Alexander Hunt, Garrett Curbow, Jessica Cato, Juliann Carpenter, Kiya Ramos, Luke Mitchell, Maggie Googe, Megan Rowland, Samuel Forrester, and Whit Pope.

“These students have been training for this event hours a day, every single day,” said Mrs. Poole after the show. “I am amazed by their knowledge, and their eagerness to learn. I am so proud of their accomplishments and lucky to be their coach.”

The team also enjoyed a trip to the Varsity and Krispy Kreme while in Atlanta.


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