October 27, 2020

What is MOPS?

[jessica]What is MOPS? – MOPS stands for “mothers of preschoolers” – but you do not have to have a child in preschool to go to MOPS. That is always the first thing people think.

If you have a child from conception through kindergarten then find a MOPS group immediately! It is the best mom support group out there…in my opinion of course, but I am right this time!

MOPS international is a Christian non-profit organization, but do not think for one second you have to go to church to join MOPS!

Most groups meet twice a month, and usually they meet at a church, and we do talk about Jesus, but oh we talk about so much more than that too!

We talk about our crazy children, our irritating husbands, our messy houses, the things we can’t believe our children did, the things we can’t believe our husbands did, how much we yell, how much we wish we didn’t yell, our sex lives, our lack of a sex life, our bodies before babies, our bodies after babies, our need for more sleep, our need for more coffee, our need for more wine…so do you want to be a fly on the wall yet?!?!

Some meetings we have speakers, sometimes we do crafts, sometimes we just have a lot of discussion time and play games. But whatever it is we are doing the idea is that no mom should have to mother alone!

If you are going through something tough, chances are someone else is going through, or has gone through the same thing and they made it out alive. Our speakers do not talk about how to be a perfect mom, they talk about how to deal with the fact that no mom is perfect and that is okay.

We have speakers that discuss time management, budgeting, depression, making holidays special, and keeping the flame alive in your marriage.

Some groups are really lucky and have an “emergency preparedness” meeting where your local fire department sends a hot fireman to talk about changing smoke detector batteries, checking fire extinguishers, cooking safety, bath safety, blah blah blah…it’s our “eye candy” meeting and we don’t feel guilty about it!

Every year MOPS International has a different theme and this year it is “Momsense”. I am the co-coordinator of my MOPS group this year and I especially love the theme this year. As a mom so many times I have wondered how do I decide what to do when I really don’t know what to do? Should I trust my intuition?

How do I know what information in front of me is the best? And what are the most important family values? So basically this year is about celebrating the ability to combine our MOM INTUITION + COMMON SENSE = each woman’s own unique MOMSENSE!

I have been in MOPS for 4 years now and I do not know how I would have survived without it! There is no doubt in my mind that God put each and every mom in my group in my life for a reason. I will be honest there are probably some snobby MOPS groups out there, but mine is not one of them.

In fact I tell people we are probably the most ghetto MOPS group out there! I am sure that “perfect mom” that is out there somewhere would look in at our group and see how crazy we are and grasp her chest in horror! But the expression “come as you are and you will be loved” has never been truer with us!

We want imperfect moms with imperfect kids. I can tell you as a mom there is nothing more terrible than to feel that you have failed at your grand plan to be the most wonderful mom ever. But you know what feels amazing?

To sit around a table with other moms feeling the same way, and by the end of 2 hours we have shared, cried, and laughed enough that we are ready to go home and try again the next day!

Oh and we do all this while eating snacks, drinking coffee, and childcare is provided! So seriously get up go online and find a MOPS group! If you don’t have young children then find a MOPS group for a mom you know that does!

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