October 26, 2020

Who Would have Thought I’d be Thankful for That?!?!

[jessica]At the beginning of the month I told my 6 and 7-year olds that we were going to do a thankful tree this year. I printed out leaves that say, “I am thankful” on the top with lines to write on underneath.

I told them every day until Thanksgiving that the 3 of us, mommy included, were going to write something we are thankful for. I told them it could be anything from a special toy, or a food they like, a person that means a lot to them, or even a favorite memory.

I explained to them that there is nothing too silly to be thankful for. I told them that God loves for us to count our blessings and name them one by one!

With all that being said I started to think about the odd things I am thankful for. You know the ridiculous stuff that I know in my heart I am thankful for but I sound like a crazy person when I verbalize them! So as crazy as it is going to make me sound I am going to share the strange things that I am sincerely thankful to God for.

I mean if you have been reading my blogs you already know I am just about as close to certifiably crazy as they come! Now I could sum it up and just say I am thankful for my imperfect life but where’s the fun in that? So here we go…

I am truly, truly thankful for my bills that arrive even if the money hasn’t, for my messy house that I feel I am constantly cleaning, for my pee-streaked toilets, for inside out little girl tights, tons of dirty laundry (and I mean that one literally and figuratively), and for always having piles of dirty dishes in the sink.

I am thankful for my stretch marks, for my cellulite, for my zits, I am even thankful for what happens to me now when I sneeze, for special possessions that were broken by my priceless children, for spills every five minutes, for stains that I don’t even want to know what they are, and for toys everywhere.

I am thankful for the weeds in my flower beds, for my not sleeping through the night in seven years, for arguments, for crying, for screaming, and even for temper tantrums in the toy department…because you know what?

It’s these things that God created me for, these things make me stronger, these things I have been shaped and molded for, and these things continue to help me grow into the person I want to be. These are constant reminders that I am surrounded by those I love. These inconvenient and exhausting things actually help me raise my children.

They provide countless opportunities for me to teach my children by how I respond when life is not perfect. I believe it is during the hardest of hard times that children learn life lessons they will take with them all the way to adulthood.

So this Thanksgiving I want to say with my whole heart, thank you God that I am imperfect, thank you for my imperfect husband, my imperfect children, my imperfect family, my imperfect friends, and especially for my crazy imperfect life! Because to be quite honest it seems just about perfect in my eyes!


  1. Thanks for the most perfect article I think I have ever read.

  2. what a GREAT idea and how right you are we are Thankful for all those small things that, even though we may not think so at the time, we are grateful to have them.

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